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Canada: The Islamic State group used chemical weapons, according to experts from the UN

The increase in sales of weapons slowed down by supply problems, according to an

 The increase in sales of weapons slowed down by supply problems, according to an © Bulent Kilic / AFP report of armored vehicles from the Ukrainian army in Kherson, November 18, 2022. according to a report by the 'International International Peace Research Institute of Stockholm (SIPRI) published Monday December 5, 2022, the increase in sales of arms was slowed down by supply problems linked to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. The Sale of weapons and services intended for the military sector increased in 2021.

the United Nations investigators conclude that IS "has manufactured and produced rockets and chemical mortars, chemical ammunition for rocket launchers, Chemical missile heads and explosive circumstance devices ".

  Le groupe Etat islamique a utilisé des armes chimiques, selon des experts de l'ONU © supplied by Franceinfo

of the United Nations experts have updated proof of the use of chemical weapons by the jihadist group Islamic State at the time of its self -proclaimed "caliphate", according to a report which was to be Debatetu Monday, December 5 by the Security Council.

The members of Unitad, the team of investigators responsible for competing in bringing IS to answer their crimes, claim to have collected "testimonial, digital and documentary evidence" relating in particular to the employment of chemical weapons In Iraq under the Caliphate (2014-2019). Experts conclude that IS "has manufactured and produced rockets and chemical mortars, chemical munitions for rocket launchers, chemical missile heads and explosive circumstance" devices.

Iran: "According to the Constitution in force, the moral police have no legitimacy"

 Iran: © AFP "I do not think that the law on the compulsory port of the veil will one day be abolished". Marianne: Can we say that the customs police have been really abolished? Mehrangiz Kar: the moral police will be abolished the day when the law on the compulsory port of the Islamic veil will be abolished. In my opinion, this law will not be abolished under this regime, because it is an integral part of its values, its fundamentals. Its abolition will sign the end of the regime.

The survey was particularly interested in "the funding, supply and logistics of (IS) and its links with the elements of command, to better understand which were the alleged sites of manufacturing, production and 'Use of weapons in Iraq, to ​​obtain an additional information on the manufactured agents (...) and the vectors used ".

Heavy medical complications for the victims

The experts in particular focused on an attack perpetrated against Taza Khormatu on March 8, 2016. They claim to have collected "a large amount of evidence", in particular "of payroll and payroll and payroll Elements of correspondence "of the jihadist group.

The team "examined evidence of family compensation for the 'martyrdom' of their members killed as they manipulated chemical weapons (...) and registers of the training provided (...) to agents high -ranked on the use of chemicals as weapons, in particular chemical dispersion machines ".

Among the products used were "aluminum phosphide, chlorine, bacteria clostridium botulinum, cyanide, nicotine, ricin, and thallium sulfate". The report underlines "the medical complications from which Taza Khormatu residents are currently suffering (chronic diseases, cancers and reproductive disorders, in particular)".

Reich Citizens 'Consciousness in Germany: Danger from the inside .
Reich Citizens' Consciousness in Germany: Danger from the inside Often it does not succeed in keeping democracy and enemies of democracy like the Reich citizens from authorities, police and courts. That needs to change. Sit some people in civil service who have no business because they face democracy and human rights. With the exposure to the alleged “Reichsbürger” conspiracy, this topic has finally ended up on the agenda. But it is truly not a news.

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