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Canada: SCH gives himself the freedom to experiment on Autobahn

Emergencies Act inquiry studies fundamental rights and freedoms at stake in protests

  Emergencies Act inquiry studies fundamental rights and freedoms at stake in protests OTTAWA — The Public Order Emergency Commission has spent six weeks hearing from residents, police, politicians and protesters about what happened last winter, when thousands of people opposed to COVID-19 public health measures took over a portion of the downtown. Though no serious violence was reported, people living in the area said their community descended into lawlessness and they felt threatened by harassment and hazards as protesters insisted they were exercising their right to peaceful assembly.

Avec « Autobahn », SCH signe un septième projet en huit ans de carrière. © Jérôme Fouquet/Outs-France. with "Autobahn", Sch signs a seventh project in eight years of career.

The 29 -year -old Marseille rapper takes a break in his Julius trilogy to return to the mixtape format. In Autobahn, Julien Schwarzer juggles between winks of Marseille rap of the early 2000s and more contemporary experiments.

We know him a fan of gangster movies. SCH is also passionate about big displacements and speed. The pen of rapper from Marseille, she turns at full speed. Since entering Rap Game in 2015, he has dropped seven projects in eight years which allowed him to settle as one of the most influential artists of his generation. Reverse of the medal: expectations are increasingly strong at the risk of disappointing.

Rupa Subramanya: Trudeau will face no sanction for using the Emergencies Act

  Rupa Subramanya: Trudeau will face no sanction for using the Emergencies Act The Public Order Emergency Commission concluded its hearings on Friday in dramatic fashion, with examination and cross examination of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Whether by accident or by design, he had the final day all to himself, and is likely what will remain freshest in the mind of many after six gruelling weeks of hearings. The Prime Minister took a gamble by agreeing to appear. Like Ontario Premier Doug Ford, he could have finagled out of appearing by claiming parliamentary privilege, but he chose not to do that. Based on what I saw at Library and Archives Canada, the venue for the hearings, Trudeau’s gamble paid off.

Going back and forth between rap of the past and the future

Autobahn, named after the German motorway system, is clearly not the masterpiece of its discography. The common thread is less obvious. The narration, its trademark, less worked. The more diffuse musical universe.

But the third most streamed French artist in 2021 probably had other aspirations for this mixtape. First there is the desire to return to a pure rap, with a Marseille touch as on the Lif and white blue pieces. And that of renewing oneself by looking for new sounds as on Lilou Dallas and acts that close the project. In the end, Sch has fun and it feels.

Autobahn, 14 titles, 44mn / Warner Music.

The incoming Congress will be more pro-school choice than ever .
Education freedom for elementary and secondary students took a big step forward thanks to the midterm elections last month. This is great news for millions of parents with school-age children who suffered academically and emotionally when so much of the public school establishment, pressured by teacher unions, kept schools closed far longer than necessary during the pandemic. While much has been written about the education freedom advocates in governor mansions, state legislatures, and school boards, it is the incoming U.S. Congress that has the chance to exponentially expand K-12 freedom and opportunity for millions of children across the 50 states.

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