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Canada: Passes Navigo in Ile-de-France: the monthly subscription will increase by 12 % in 2023, to € 84.10

Real estate credit: "The year 2023 looks very complicated"

 Real estate credit: while one in two file is currently blocked in your opinion, could the solution come from variable rates? Maël Bernier: is a marginal solution for the time being. But at a time when the European Central Bank invites banks to rethink their model, and in Europe this practice is not nonexistent, it is interesting to look at the issue of variable rates. In France we borrow at 95% at fixed rate, which largely explains market stability.

Un pass Navigo utilisé dans les transports en commun d’Ile-de-France. © Philippe Lopez/AFP A navigo pass used in public transport from Ile-de France.

Ile-de-France Mobilités, transport manager in the region, announced this Tuesday, December 6, 2022, that the monthly subscription will drop from € 75.20 to € 84.10 in 2023.

per monthly navigo subscription In Ile-de-France public transport will increase by 12 % in 2023, and go from € 75.20 to € 84.10, said Tuesday, December 6, 2022 Ile-de-France Mobilités (IDFM).

A less significant increase than that first envisaged by the Ile -de -France transport manager, who had announced the possibility of climbing the subscription to € 90 per month.

wages. Towards increases above 4 % in 2023 around the world, according to an

 wages. Towards increases above 4 % in 2023 around the world, according to an © Getty Images/ISTOCTO study. (Photo of illustration) from the United States to China via Germany, the average increase in wages should exceed 4% in 2023 in seven major economies of the planet, according to a study published this Tuesday, December 6 by Willis Towers Watson (WTW). Average revaluations of wages planned by companies Pou 2023 will get 4 % in France to 6.6 % in Brazil, according to a study by Willis Towers Watson (WTW), Anglo-American Consulting and Consulting Cabinet and insurance

This announcement comes after the release by the state of aid of 200 million euros which should allow the regional transport authority to complete its budget while limiting the increase in prices.

The budget adopted this Wednesday

The Trouch has been burning for several months between the executive and the president of IDFM Valérie Pécresse . The former presidential LR candidate was looking for 450 million euros to complete her 2023 operating budget, engaged by inflation and the outbreak of energy prices. This budget, which cannot be in deficit, must be adopted on Wednesday.

In the absence of state aid, the monthly navigo would have increased from 75.20 to 90 € per month, an increase of 20 %.

In his latest scenario, IDFM hoped to be able to increase in the densest areas the mobility payment. But the increase in this specific tax on the wage bill of companies with more than eleven employees, who would have limited the increase in the monthly navigo pass to € 80.80 (+7.5 %), was impossible without the green light of the green light 'State.

Government aid will not be enough

"The state's response is welcome, but it remains punctual and partial", estimated IDFM in a press release.

"punctual" because new sources of funding must be found for the exploitation of new lines under construction and transport of the Olympic Games, and "partial" because government aid will not be enough to limit the increase Prices, she detailed.

Town of Stettler council hears about huge jump in chemical prices .
Stettler town council awarded a tender for the supply of water system chemicals at their regular meeting Dec. 6, while hearing from a senior staff member that inflation is taking a toll. Councillors heard a presentation from Director of Operations Melissa Robbins regarding a tender issued for chemical supply for the town’s water system for the 2023 year. Robbins also presented councillors with a detailed report from Chris Saunders, water treatment plant manager. “Every year a chemical supply bid is sent to suppliers for process chemicals,” stated Saunders’ report to council. “Chemical prices for 2023 have increased substantially for a second year in a row.

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