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Canada: Background horror of unanimity-the EU is blocked

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Hungary Veto against Ukraine aids A


Albania and Kosovo are victims of veto rights


majority decisions are a prerequisite for EU enlargement

-by Andreas Rinke

Tirana, Dec 6 (Reuters)-The EU West Balkan summit ended on Tuesday with demonstrative swarms of similarities. But he also showed that the six membership countries have no chance of joining the EU if the EU did not reform itself beforehand. Because Hungary blocked the payment of an EU loan of 18 billion euros to Ukraine on Tuesday. And in the rapprochement process of the Western Balkans countries, there are alternately individual EU countries such as the Netherlands, France or finally Bulgaria, the progress repeatedly delayed. Therefore, on Tuesday in Tirana it remained unclear whether Bosnia-Herzegovina can finally get the EU candidate status next week-and the Kosovo the long-promised visa liberalization.

Biden administration appeals court decision that blocked the Trump-era policy that let the US turn away migrants at the southern border

  Biden administration appeals court decision that blocked the Trump-era policy that let the US turn away migrants at the southern border The Biden administration has decided to appeal a federal court decision that blocked the use of a controversial Trump-era policy allowing for the swift removal of migrants at the US-Mexico border. Last month, US District Judge Emmet Sullivan blocked the authority, known as Title 42, but agreed to a Biden administration request that he pause his ruling for five weeks so that the government can prepare to comply with it. Wednesday, the Justice Department told the court it planned to appeal.

The reason: All of these decisions must be made unanimously within the framework of the EU-27. And this compulsion has repeatedly encouraged individual states to prevent decisions for completely non -material reasons. Example of Hungary: The government in Budapest is cold that the EU Commission sees such serious problems in the right state standards that it is delayed by billions of bills. Now further exams are required. This is a domestic problem for the controversial Prime Minister Viktor Orban, because the country lives very well from the transfers from Brussels. So Orban Ernst made it: Although 26 EU partners are in favor of supporting Ukraine, he blocked the loan. The dispute with the EU Commission has nothing to do with the loan. In the coming months there will be even more incredible things. Because Poland's national conservative government is also in the dispute with the EU Commission-and in Poland there are parliamentary elections in which the PIS party wants to defend its majority. EU diplomats had already warned weeks ago that Warsaw could block from ancriation about EU sanctions at other places. In order to prevent such maneuvers in the future, Chancellor Olaf Scholz, France's President Emmanuel Macron, have repeatedly demanded the EU Commission and others repeatedly the transition to majority decisions in EU financial and foreign policy.

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Cumbersome accession process

Because in foreign policy, the increasingly more confrontational relationship with China or Russia ensures that EU countries suddenly no longer want to support EU decisions with special relationships with Beijing and prevent decisions. The EU threatens to become incapable of action. And the participation process of the Western Balkans states is not only a struggle on lack of reforms and persistent nationalism in the region: it is also the objections to individual EU members who ensure that the process has been running for 19 years. With its veto law,

Greece had even enforced a name change from Macedonia in North Macedonia. France and the Netherlands had long prevented accession negotiations with Albania because they were concerned that they would harm them in terms of domestic politics - just like Bulgaria in the case of North Macedonia. In the opinion of the EU Commission, the candidates had long since met all the requirements placed on them for the next stage of the EU approach.

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Scholz therefore leaves no speech to demand the abolition of unanimity. And EU diplomats warn that no admission of new members is possible beforehand, because the EU would otherwise have to expect even more vetos.

, however,: majority decisions are also not a panacea. Already in the 2015 refugee crisis it was shown that the principle of qualified majorities applies to migration decisions in the EU. Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia were therefore overruled the decision to distribute refugees. But because of the stubborn resistance of the so-called Visegrad group, the decided quota regulation was not implemented.

In addition, the clearing of EU diplomats, it is a long way to abolish unanimity. Because small states fear for influence in a task of their veto law because the large countries have more weight in majority decisions. In addition, abolition of unanimity in tax or foreign policy would have to be decided unanimously. "After all, the blockade of Hungary criticized by all could now be a wake-up call for helping to Ukraine that it cannot go on like this," said an EU diplomat. (Edited by Ralf Bode. If you have any questions, please contact our editorial team at [email protected])

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