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Canada: Three arrested in Portugal for tax evasion on fuel imported from Spain

charge calls for nine years in prison for Hanno Berger

 charge calls for nine years in prison for Hanno Berger , a judgment against “Mister Cum-Ex” is closer: In the tax evasion proceedings against the lawyer Hanno Berger, the public prosecutor asked for a prison term of nine years before the Bonn district court on Tuesday. Berger's lawyer Richard Beyer admitted misconduct from his client, but in his presentation, however, this was significantly lower than described by the indictment. With a view to the duration of a prison sentence, he said: "I have a deep trust in the kindness of the court." © Oliver

The Portuguese Tax Agency arrested three suspects Thursday for involvement in an alleged VAT fraud scheme involving fuel imported from Spain and sold in Portugal through a chain of resellers, with an estimated damage of more than 26 million euros.


Fifteen companies and five individuals are suspected of involvement and 21 searches ordered by a judge have also been carried out in the cities of Aveiro, Porto and Lisbon.

According to the investigation, the scheme also allowed the suspects to place fuel on the market at lower prices, thus gaining an illicit advantage over honest economic operators.

Donald Trump Trapped in Legal Nightmare That's About To Get Worse

  Donald Trump Trapped in Legal Nightmare That's About To Get Worse The former president's family business has been found guilty of tax fraud, while more investigations are still to be resolved.On Tuesday, Representative Bennie Thompson, the chairman of the House committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol, gave the strongest indication yet that the panel will be recommending the Department of Justice brings forward charges in connection to the insurrection Trump is accused of inciting and then failing to stop.

The three detainees, who are charged with crimes of tax fraud, criminal association and money laundering, will be brought before the court for the application of the respective coercive measures.

In addition to the arrests, the operation has also led to the seizure of 16 properties, 24 vehicles (some of them luxury vehicles), seven shareholdings and bank accounts worth 11 million euros.

The operation involved a total of 50 tax inspectors from the Customs Anti-Fraud Directorate ("Direção Antifraude Aduaneira"), the Finance Directorate of Porto ("Direção de Finanças do Porto") and the Portuguese Technical and Computer Forensics Unit, in collaboration with officers from the Portuguese Public Security Police (PSP).

The operation, led by the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO), also involved two Deputy European Public Prosecutors and two investigating judges.

How the race for a Covid vaccine enriched monkey poachers and endangered macaques .
The smuggling of monkeys caught in the wild is believed to have been going on for years due to the colossal demand for laboratory monkeys in the U.S. and the limited supply at breeding facilities at home and abroad. The arrival of the pandemic and the race to find a Covid vaccine squeezed the market even further, experts say, setting off a mad scramble for the animals that fueled a spike in monkey poaching and contributed to the endangerment of the species most commonly used in drug studies — the long-tailed macaque.

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