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Canada: Possible Putin fall: Where he flee in the event of a Russian defeat,

Vladimir Putin considers it "inevitable" to bomb the Ukrainian infrastructure

 Vladimir Putin considers it Negotiations to end the war in Ukraine do not yet seem to be on the agenda. View Ononews © Mikhail Metzel/Sputnik Russian President Vladimir Putin. "necessary and inevitable": this is how Vladimir Putin justified the bombing that ravaged on Friday, just when winter arrives, the Ukrainian energy infrastructure, leaving millions of civilians in the dark and the cold .

Possible Putin Sturz: Where he would flee in the event of a Russian defeat,

The Ukraine War would not run as planned for Russia. Wladimir Putin is said to already plan the escape from his own country.

Moscow - Hardly any progress on the front, losses on the battlefield and now even attacks on airfields in their own country: Russia continues to head for a disaster in the Ukraine War. This should not have escaped the government around President Vladimir Putin. Allegedly, the Kremlin elite should already work on an escape plan if the invasion of Ukraine finally fails and the mood in its own country turns against the government and the fall of Putin approaches.

Vladimir Putin: "It can be a long process"

 Vladimir Putin: around nine and a half months after the invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin does not exclude a long war against the neighboring country. "Of course, it can be a long process," said Putin at a meeting with representatives of a human rights council he appointed himself. © Mikhail Metzel/Pool Sputnik Kremlin/AP/dpa Wladimir Putin takes part in the annual conference of the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights.

that now claims Abbas Galjamow. The former speech writer Vladimir Putin put this claim on Wednesday (December 7th) on Telegram. Galjamow referred to an "insider" in Moscow. The latter told him that the Kremlin had developed an evacuation plan for the top ranks under the code name "Noahs Arche". "As the name suggests, it is about the search for new country in the event that it becomes completely uncomfortable at home," writes Galjamow. One would not rule out in Moscow to lose the Ukraine war and calculate with the possibility that the government will be "disempowered and urgently needs to be evacuated somewhere," continued Galjamow.

  Möglicher Putin-Sturz: Wohin er im Falle einer russischen Niederlage flüchten würde © provided by Merkur Photo © Sergei Bobylev/dpa

Ukraine War: Putin should already plan your own escape

Putin's inner circle is said to have initially considered China as the goal. However, because the relationships between Russia and the People's Republic are not free of tensions in the Ukraine conflict, Beijing was rejected as a refuge. The focus is now on South America, especially on Venezuela and Argentina. Igor Setschin, former deputy prime minister of Russia and closer confidante Vladimir Putins, has been commissioned to develop an evacuation plan. According to information from the news portal Daily Beast, high-ranking Russian officials in the middle of the Ukraine conflict are said to have already started buying real estate and country in South America. The activities would mainly focus on Venezuela. The same was found in Ecuador, Paraguay and Argentina. An island of Venezuela was particularly in the interest of the Kremlin. "The island of Margarita is its Courchevel," quotes Daily Beast from the Kremlin, which compares the island on the coast in the northeast of the country to the famous ski area in the French Alps.

So many soldiers have lost Russia in the last 24 hours

 So many soldiers have lost Russia in the last 24 hours © Z-Live News, Vladimir Putin Meeting with Government Minister, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size changed) The Russian attack war does not run after Plan of the Kremlin. From the Putin dream of the Blitz War against Ukraine, a month has become a conflict that eats human life and money. There is no end in sight.

Vladimir Putin: Despite the Ukraine War, no escape plans

Because the Ukraine War has not been going badly for Russia since yesterday, there have also been reports of Putin's possible escape plans for a long time. So far, Syria has been very popular. Wladimir Putin is said to have already offered asylum asylum if he had to leave the country. According to official statements from Moscow,

will hardly be necessary to escape from the management team. The Ukraine conflict would still drag on, but ultimately everything goes according to plan. "There are no problems with deserters in the military special operation," said Putin personally on Wednesday. There are "individual cases, but on the whole" everything runs as planned. "Are there people who leave their position? Yes, that happened. But less and less is happening, ”says Putin. (Daniel Dillmann)

end of the war in sight? Scholz provides further discussions with Putin in view of .
© provided by Z-Live News Image:, Putin-Scholz Meeting, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons, (no changes made) Chancellor Olaf Scholz provides further discussions With Russia's President Vladimir Putin. is again a termination of the war against Ukraine. "Our goal is that Russia ends its war of attack and that Ukraine defends its integrity," emphasizes Scholz to the "Süddeutsche Zeitung".

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