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Canada: Shuniah expects tough budget

Public to get second crack at Penetanguishene tax input

  Public to get second crack at Penetanguishene tax input It’s possible more people spoke to Penetanguishene council about not being heard than who originally filled out a public survey in the first place. Penetanguishene Mayor Doug Rawson brought up bettering community engagement during the announcements portion of the recent regular meeting of council. “We’ve had some comments and questions regarding further public consultations regarding the budget process with our public and our residents,” Rawson said to CAO Jeff Lees.

Shuniah, Ont. — As far as the municipal election was concerned, it was status quo for the Municipality of Shuniah in 2022.

The second most populated municipality surrounding Thunder Bay saw no changes in council as mayor Wendy Landry along with longtime MacGregor ward councillors Donna Blunt, Ron Giardetti and Don Smith were all acclaimed.

Incumbent McTavish ward councillor Meghan Chomut easily won her seat again with a convincing victory over Dawn Powell.

Landry, who is in her third term as Shuniah mayor, said having the political band back together makes for a smooth transition across the next four years.

How more than $427 million in taxpayer money is locked away in a forgotten government fund — and lawmakers won't spend it or return it

  How more than $427 million in taxpayer money is locked away in a forgotten government fund — and lawmakers won't spend it or return it Republicans, Democrats, charities, and special-interest groups all have different ideas for a languishing — and massive — pot of money.This is not the setup to an elaborate joke, but rather, a cross-section of the ultra-wealthy candidates who have together spent almost $433 million (and counting) during the 2022 midterm election cycle.

“I think the huge advantage right off the top is that you’re not starting from ground zero for bringing someone up to speed,” Landry said. “Everyone’s been in the conversations, they’ve been at the table for all the discussions — the good, the bad and the ugly — we’ve had. They’ve got some experience and knowledge.

“We have people at the table who have been going at this for a very long time, especially on our council. . . . All the complexities and the knowledge, not just from a municipal perspective, but a regional perspective of what we’ve been working on and being in the know.”

Despite the ushering in of familiar faces on council, the Shuniah election itself wasn’t all smooth sailing.

The name of Matt Pearson, English Language Separate School trustee candidate for the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board, was left off the Shuniah ballot for the Oct. 24 municipal election, leading to a re-vote on Nov. 21.

USA: Household draft passes Senate

 USA: Household draft passes Senate shortly before a possible shutdown, Democrats and many Republicans have approved a budget draft. This also includes civil and military support for Ukraine in its fight against Russia. © J. Scott AppleWhite/ dpa Shortly before the deadline, the US Senate approved a draft budget, which, among other things, provides for aid for the Ukraine . The planned budget is said to have a volume of $ 1.7 trillion (1.6 trillion euros) and was approved by the parliamentary chamber on Thursday-only hours after

Although the re-vote made little difference to the final vote count with Pearson finishing 10th out of 11 candidates for the six-member board, it led to Shuniah changing their checks and balances process for future elections.

The election wasn’t all that went on in the area this year.

The municipality was busy in the recreational department putting up a new playground this past summer, seeing an increase in attendance for their programs at the MacGregor Recreation Centre and running a successful community garden program known as the Shuniah Soilmates.

An influx of new residents has also taken hold in Shuniah with southern Ontario residents buying property in the bedroom community.

“We’ve had a lot of growth in the municipality and have had a lot of new people come to the municipality with (the COVID-19 pandemic) being the driver,” Landry said. “A lot of the people from the (Greater Toronto Area) have moved to the Northwest now that they could work remotely. They’ve been moving into Shuniah. The costs of housing in this area compared to the GTA is attracting a lot of families coming to this area.”

Village of Alix council hears water commission rate hike in budget

  Village of Alix council hears water commission rate hike in budget Alix village council approved the regional water commission's 2023 budget, including a water rate hike, noting that residents would have to pay the water increase one way or another. The decision was made at the Wed. Dec. 7 regular meeting of council. Councillors read a report from Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Michelle White noting that the Hwy. #12/21 Water Commission submitted its 2023 budget which includes a hike to the retail water rate. “At the Nov. 16 council meeting a draft 2023 budget from Hwy. #12/21 was included on the agenda for council review and comment as is required by the water commission bylaws,” stated White’s agenda memo.

Currently, Shuniah council is picking away at the annual budget, but Landry warns this is going to be a more difficult task than in years past.

“Budgets are not going to be easy even for the most seasoned municipal leaders in our municipalities in the Northwest,” Landry said. “I would assume that people coming new to councils in the Northwest, this will be an added challenge to understand the entire picture and costs of getting your bills paid, paying for services here and our levies are going up. They are going to be very, very challenging for everybody this year.”

In the upcoming term, the municipality is looking at putting a roof over their outdoor hockey rink at the MacGregor Recreation Centre, maintaining infrastructure such as roads, making some inroads to developing the community’s industrial park as well as moving along the negotiations to purchase the CN Kinghorn rail line to augment the Trans Canada Trail hiking system.

John Nagy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Chronicle-Journal

Penetanguishene staffing on council’s minds during budget talks .
Staffing was the hot topic of the most recent draft budget for Penetanguishene, and there were no easy answers to the questions asked. At the recent special committee of the whole meeting for the third draft of the town’s 2023 budget, the $75,000 request of the Penetanguishene Public Library board for a full-time staff member as an 18% budget increase was debated along with a municipal public works request for a $31,000 full-time staff position to combine a harbour master and winter road patroller into one role.

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