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Canada: Brandenburg: The fight for the last butcher of the city

775 years of Neubrandenburg: concerts, sports and pilgrimages

 775 years of Neubrandenburg: concerts, sports and pilgrimages with a mixture of open-air concerts, sports events, citizens' festivals and a newly developed beer, the city of Neubrandenburg 2023 celebrates its 775th anniversary. "The start of the city birthday on January 4, 2023," said Mayor Silvio Witt (non -party) when the festival program was presented to journalists on Tuesday. "We have had two difficult years behind us, so the anniversary should be celebrated for a year," said Witt.

in the village in which our weekend property is located is no longer a single shop. In the nearest city, the last baker closed three years ago, only the label on the facade was left of the butcher. The last two grocery stores are in the entrance area of ​​the supermarket: a baker and a butcher. There are always people at the baker. Never with the butcher.

  Brandenburg: Der Kampf um den letzten Fleischer der Stadt © provided by Berliner Zeitung

In summer I noticed it for the first time. The butcher stood behind his well -filled counter and waited for customers. But everyone pushed their shopping cart past him - including me.

I'm no longer a meat eater, I got used to it in Israel. We lived in Jaffa by the sea, ate fish, hummus, fresh vegetables, olive oil instead of butter. The pandemic came to Israel, I was back in Berlin and tried an Ottolenghi recipe after the next, little meat, lots of vegetables, and so it stayed.

Trump Could Be Shielded From Jan. 6 Charges Thanks to Decades-Old Precedent

  Trump Could Be Shielded From Jan. 6 Charges Thanks to Decades-Old Precedent Trump has said that he never incited violence during his rally speech and subsequent actions on January 6, 2021, the day of the Capitol riot.The January 6 House Select Committee this week issued four criminal referrals against Trump at the culmination of its investigation into his actions regarding the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

The Christmas holidays are the exception or family visits or moments when I suddenly have cravings for Viennese sausages. Then I go to the organic meat in the Greifswalder Allee, where the meat comes from animals that are kept in a species -appropriate manner. This is also a reason for my abstinence. The animals, the environment, CO₂ emissions.

in Brandenburg, however, the world is different. I'll be another. Here the city's last master butcher fights against supermarket goods at discounter prices, and I fight. I want to buy fresh salad and Brussels sprouts and go home with pork chops and liver sausage.

psychologists could probably explain the phenomenon. What the master butcher stands for, who or what I see in him: the butcher from my street in Lichtenberg, in which I was a bit in love in fifth grade. Or my father, who lost his work after the turn. Or all the extinct American city centers in which shops, cafes and cinemas have long closed because people prefer to drive their cars into the huge shopping centers on the outskirts.

Mount Pearl city council didn't have a mat leave policy — until Chelsea Lane had a baby

  Mount Pearl city council didn't have a mat leave policy — until Chelsea Lane had a baby The City of Mount Pearl has created a policy that allows for the automatic approval of extended maternity or parental leave for its elected officials. Chelsea Lane, a city councillor for Mount Pearl and a new mother, says policies like these are empowering.That was until Chelsea Lane, a city councillor for Mount Pearl, became the first woman to have a baby while on the city's council.

The most annoys me that the freezing chests with the discounter meat are right behind the light barrier of the supermarket, exactly in front of the meat master's nose. The poor man has to watch all day long how people put products from factory farming in their shopping cart instead of buying his goods. It is as if he watches himself to die.

, as I have to admit, I don't even know how the animals he processes into sausage are held. I don't ask him. I do not want to know. I want him to survive. Sometimes I argue with myself: whether it would not be better if he approached, better for the animals and the environment, but also for me. But then I think it is easier to save the Brandenburg butcher as a whole than the whole world.

My husband, who is actually no more meat, is behind me. He inquires from the butcher whether the lard is homemade. Is it, of course. Or mentions that the sausages were very good again. So loud that customers also hear it at the bakery stand.

On the previous weekend we made our bungalow winter -proof. The master butcher must survive the next few months without us. And we'll become a vegetarian again.

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