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Entertainment: Loki Skin accidental mega spoiler out: Fatal credits Patzer confirms Marvel Theory

Is 'Loki' Already Trying to Retcon 'Avengers: Endgame'?

  Is 'Loki' Already Trying to Retcon 'Avengers: Endgame'? (Spoilers ahead for the premiere of "Loki" on Disney+) There are plenty of things on "Loki" that will make your head hurt if you think about them too hard. We've got time travel and multiverses and time cops and just generally a whole bunch of outlandish sci-fi things. And we've also got Infinity Stones. A lot of Infinity Stones. The Stones pop up while Loki makes a brief attempt to escape the clutches of the Time Variance Authority, an ultra-powerful organization that exists outside of time and space and which was created to keep order in the multiverse.

In some countries, the credits of the 2nd Loki sequence looked something different. The figure name of an actress reveals a lot about a new MCU schurkin.

Loki haut aus Versehen Mega-Spoiler raus: Fataler Abspann-Patzer bestätigt Marvel-Theorie © Disney Loki Skin Immediate Mega Spoiler Out: Fatal Stretch Patzer Confirms Marvel Theory

ATTENTION, Follow spoilers to Loki Episode 2: The second episode of the new MCU series Loki ended with a surprising revelation. At the end of the evil Loki variant, Loki even takes a feminine person who poses puzzles.

We have already explained the most important information about the possible Loki forms in the new episode. In the end, however, the question remained if we really have to do here with Lady Loki or a completely different Marvel-Schurkin. An revealed spoiler at the end of the second episode now provides information.

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International Credits of Loki Follow 2 Spoilert Important Figure Name

In the credits of the new Loki sequence, the synchronous occupation of different countries can be seen. Here is listed everywhere that the actress Sophia di Martino plays a figure called Variant (in the German variant). This info is not the same everywhere. As part of the Slash film reports, the actress is in the overview of the Castilian speakers: inside a more concrete name associated with:

Here, the Martino character is spoiled as Sylvie, which reveals much about the figure and the second possibility of our own theory to the new MCU -Schurkin corresponds. In the Marvel comics hides behind the name the villain enchantress.

This is Sylvie Aka Enchantress in the Marvel Comics

in the comics exist two versions of the mighty marvel-witch enchantress, which looks optically like a green version of the Scarlet Witch and for a long time believed to be divine descent. In the MCU series, the second enchantress known from the template could have disguised itself as Loki to manipulate him.

to "Loki" comes "She-Hulk": villain for new MCU series is fixed

 to the three previous MCU series " Wandavision ", " The Falcon and the Winter Soldier " and " Loki " All have become very different and form very different genres: Sitcom-Homage with mystery impact here, political conspiracy thriller there and now the crazy adventures of Loki in different times and dimensions. with " Ms.

also looks here our video recap to the 2nd Loki episode:

with a bourgeois name is Sylvie Lushton and was a human child, the Loki secretly led to supernatural forces. Some time ago, an IMDB entry gave an indication of the occupation of The Walking Dead-Star Cailey Fleming as a young version of Sylvie . This has never been officially confirmed, but there is still the entry.

Through the accidental spoiler in the current Loki follow we are sure that behind the female revelation in the finale could really hide enchantress. A detail from episode 2 but gives even more puzzles. As Loki browsing his own TVA files, briefly see the possible real name of his variant: Sylvie Raceydottir.

Thus, it could actually act as a woman-born loci variant that has received the name Sylvie. Whether Marvel has mixed the figures Lady Loki and Enchantress or attracting us to a false track, we will hopefully know in episode 3. It starts on June 23, 2021 on Disney +.

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What do you think who is the true threat to Loki?

No, That Wasn't Kang the Conqueror in the 'Loki' Finale .
(This article contains numerous spoilers for the season finale of "Loki") Since the premiere of "Loki" in June, we've been expecting Kang the Conqueror to show up. The evidence was overwhelming, and it all pointed to at least a cameo at the end of the season. But this post isn't a victory lap to congratulate myself on making a good prediction for once, because we weren't quite right. So in the finale, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) reach the Citadel at the End of Time, and meet the architect of the TVA, and so he claims, everything else they've experienced in their lives: He Who Remains, played by Jonathan Majors.

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