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Entertainment: Sexual Aggression: His conviction canceled by justice, Bill Cosby comes out of prison

Week in celebrity photos for May 31-June 4, 2021

  Week in celebrity photos for May 31-June 4, 2021 Week in celebrity photos for May 31-June 4, 2021

Bill Cosby arrive au tribunal de Norristown, en Pennsylvanie, pour son procès pour agression sexuelle. AFP © - Bill Cosby arrives at the Norristown Court, Pennsylvania, for his trial for sexual assault. AFP

A camouflet for the #metoo movement. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania annulled Wednesday the conviction of the comedian Bill Cosby for sexual assault . A decision that allowed the comedian to release immediately from prison.

"The convictions and sentences imposed on Bill Cosby are canceled and it must be released," wrote the high jurisdiction at the end of a long stop of 79 pages.

shortly before 14:30 (local time), the 83-year-old "The Cosby Show" series, came out of SCI Phoenix, located in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, where he had been detained since his conviction, in September 2018 , for drugging and sexually assaulted Andrea Constand, a woman he had invited to his home in 2004.

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William Henry Cosby, JR, his full name, had been sentenced to a minimum sentence of three years of imprisonment ( 10 years maximum), which corresponds almost the duration that he has already spent in detention.

A "principle of equity" not respected

in its decision, the Supreme Court recalls that the first prosecutor in charge of the file had decided not to prosecute him to the penal, while encouraging him to testify in a civil proceedings. by the complainant.

Now, this testimony was then retained against him during his trial, when a new Prosecutor decided to revive the case of years later, note the magistrates.

"When a prosecutor makes a public decision with the intention to weigh on the actions of the accused and that he does it to his detriment (and sometimes on the advice of his lawyer), deny him the benefit of this decision is an affront to the fundamental principle of equity, "they judge.

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The conviction of Bill Cosby was considered the first of the #metoo era and a victory in the fight against sexual violence aimed at women.

considered the embodiment of the ideal father in his televised show, the actor, one of the first African-Americans to break on the small screen, was accused by about sixty women of sexual aggression and sometimes rape, covered by the prescription.

"It is not released because it is innocent"

"I hope that this decision will not deter the victims of reporting sexual assault," reacted Prosecutor Kevin Steele, at the origin of the prosecution. in a statement. "We always consider that no one is above the law, including those who are rich, famous and powerful.

Dozens of women have publicly accused Bill Cosby from having sexually assaulted them with the facts prescribed in all cases with the exception of the Constand file, the only one that resulted in prosecution. The sexual assault of Andrea Constand has even escaped the prescription a few days, when Prosecutor Kevin Steele has decided to prosecute. Solicited by AFP, the Steele Prosecutor did not follow up.

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"It is not released because it is innocent," reacted, on Twitter, the lawyer Lisa Bloom, who represents three women who accuse Bill Cosby to have assaulted them, who are "disgusted" by the news. For the lawyer, the former humorist will come out of prison "because a prosecutor promised him, years ago, that he would not be prosecuted."

Bill Cosby Is Still An Evil Rapist .The End.

- ✌ ???? Rosanna Arquette (@roarquette) June 30, 2021

interrogated during her daily press point, the spokesman for the White House, Jen Psaki, said Joe Biden did not have any "Direct answer" to this court decision, while stating that "the President has long been a supporter of the fight against violence against women". "Bill Cosby remains a malfalling rapist," reacted, on Twitter, Rosanna Arquette, who accused former producer Harvey Weinstein from having sexually harassed him.

Bill Cosby requests that Phylicia Rashad be supported under the freedom of expression .
© provided by Cover Media Bill Cosby urged the managers of the American University Howard to support the right to freedom of expression of the Actress and member of the Teacher Phylicia Rashad, who celebrated the release of his former Sitcom partner. Humorist in disgrace came out of prison on June 30, after the judges of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania invoked a procedural defect to reject his condemnation for sexual assault of 2018. Phylicia Rashad was one of the few people.

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