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There are Gaming Controllers - and then there is the Velocity One

 There are Gaming Controllers - and then there is the Velocity One with periphery for consoles and PCs will earn a lot of money. That's why the market has even space for a supposed mituhb as the Velocity One. © Turtle Beach \ There are games that demand pretty much of the players. For example, if you have to work in a "agricultural simulator" into the complicated mechanics, a farm including the economy. A series, the particularly popular in Germany is .

An unusual device selection met Kryptominer in Ukraine - they poured on thousands of PlayStation-4 consoles. The high power consumption even called the secret service to the plan.

Hanes: Many Quebec anglos wonder who, if anyone, is in their corner

  Hanes: Many Quebec anglos wonder who, if anyone, is in their corner It’s an unsettling time to be an English-speaking Quebecer. Not only is the Quebec government beefing up provincial laws to protect the French language in ways that could redefine who has access to services in English, it’s planning constitutional amendments that could make anglophones and other minorities second-class citizens while defensively shielding the entirety of Bill 96 with the notwithstanding clause. If that weren’t disconcerting enough, the federal government tabled its own bill this week, which the main umbrella group for English-speaking Quebecers blasted as “a clear attack on the equality of Canada’s two official languages .

Kryptomining auf Playstation-4-Konsolen. © SBU Kryptomining on PlayStation-4 consoles.

The high power consumption is not just a huge cost factor in Kryptomining . Finally, the mining of a single bitcoin should devour several tens of thousand kilowatt hours. Similar to hemp plantations, Mining Farme's illegal operators make the local authorities attentive to the local authorities . In Ukraine, the power consumption of a mining farm has now brought the security of supply of a whole region - and even called the secret service to the plan.

Tennis - WTA: End of suspension for Yastremska

 Tennis - WTA: End of suspension for Yastremska © Panoramic Dayana Yastremska Scarce from the Courts Since last January, Dayana Yastremska has seen the Independent Tribunal of ITF lift its interim suspension following a positive control at the Mesterolone. The tip of the tunnel is in view of Dayana Yastremska. Ukrainian, currently 37th in the WTA ranking, is suspended on a provisional basis since last January.

ps4-mining: Electricity bill of 260,000 dollars

The electricity bill of the mining farm in the Ukrainian city of Winnyzja should have up to $ 260,000 as it is called in an message of the Ukrainian intelligence service SBU. How high the power consumption and thus also the bill are, but could no longer be determined. Because the operators are designed to manipulate the electricity meters and have false information. They did not pay the electricity anyway. Who is behind the mining farm, have not yet announced police and intelligence. Employees of the local electricity supplier could have been involved.

more interesting for observers is likely to be the fact that the miners instead of current graphics cards from NVIDIA used the eight-year-old PlayStation 4. Overall, the investigators found 3,800 of the consoles that crashed to crypto - which would also explain the exorbitantly high power consumption. According to , the console should come to a capacity of 1.84 Teraflops. On the other hand, the NVIDIA graphics card RTX 3070 creates around 21 Teraflops, is therefore a multiple more powerful.

expensive hardware, high electricity costs

In addition, those responsible for the mining farm are likely to have the hardware worth a low six-digit euro amount. Even more than 500 not specified graphics cards and 50 main processors should have been in operation, the SBU reports. Notebooks, smartphones and hard drives were also found. Meanwhile, how many bitcoin or other crypto currencies have been farmed in the farm.

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