Entertainment: Kate Middleton and Prince William: Reassured by the Queen's health, they go on a family vacation!

Kate Middleton: A new project that will make noise

 Kate Middleton: A new project that will make noise © Lock Stephen / I-Images / Abaca This is a project that should make meghan Markle jealousy pale and Prince Harry. According to the Daily Mail, Kate Middleton would have a brand new project during reflection: the realization of a documentary. It remains to be seen if the project will really see the day.

  Kate Middleton et le prince William : rassurés par la santé de la reine, ils partent en vacances en famille ! © lipinski dominic / pa word / abaca

while the health status of Queen Elizabeth seems to be reassuring after her short hospitalization of 24 hours that weekend this week, Kate Middleton and Prince William decided to take a few days With family to blow after well filled months.

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After Pandemic Months and Many Official Commitments Since the beginning, the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge have decided to take a little time for them and for their children. This is the Daily Mail which has published the information on this weekend, stating that Kate Middleton, Prince William and their three children had flying to a still unknown destination, and potentially outdoor to Great Britain.

A departure on vacation for autumn leave, which, if confirmed, testifies to the fact that the state of health of the queen is reassuring and that the monarch is doing well.

Upon returning, Kate and William will resume their obligations and children will return to school to the end of the year.

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