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Entertainment: AfD is subject to Schmallenberg in court: NRW municipality does not have to offer Stadthalle

AFD: Jörg Meuthen demands replacement of the entire party tip

 AFD: Jörg Meuthen demands replacement of the entire party tip in the intra-party power struggle inferior, Jörg Meuten retreats as afd boss. Before his farewell, he demands a complete personnel new beginning at the party tip - instead of "always equal faces". © Paul Zinken / DPA The outgoing AFD chairman Jörg Meuthen has spoken out for an exchange of the entire party peak. "The previous covenants and deputies should make room in the AfD for all new people," he said of the "World on Sunday" .

Municipal Schmallenberg does not have to provide your Stadthalle for a planned party congress of North Rhine-Westphalian AFD. This decided the administrative court Arnsberg, as announced on Friday. The AfD wants to set up its candidates for the state election in the coming May at their state party convention on the first December weekend. The city in Sauerland had rejected the application for the use of the hall but the premises are already occupied.

Mitglieder der AfD-Fraktion auf der Tribüne im Landtag NRW. © dpa members of the AFD Group on the tribune in the state parliament NRW.

The AFD had announced to accuse the venue. Previously, the right-wing populist party had already received a cancellation of the Cologne Messe. Against the decision from Arnsberg, complaint with the Upper Administrative Court is possible. According to the court on 29 September, the AFD Landesverband had sent a mail inquiry for renting the large hall with "parliamentary seating" for 530 persons to the city administration.

New NRW Prime Minister: This is Hendrik Kabinet

 New NRW Prime Minister: This is Hendrik Kabinet The Ministers of the Cabinet of the new North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst (CDU) were sworn in on Wednesday in the state parliament. Except for the transport department, Wüst had no changes in the black-yellow ministerial rises. © DPA NRW Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst New Minister of Transport is now the infrastructure expert Ina Brandes (CDU). She follows desert, who had led the department so far.

Dish: Behavior not to complain

This had announced the same day that the space capacities did not allow. A reservation request of the City Chapel Schmallenberg was shortly as possible. A little later, also on September 29, the AFD declared over the administration, a rated seating will be sufficient. But she received the answer, the hall is now awarded. According to the court, the behavior of the city administration is not objectionable.

This did not have to submit that the AFD would like to rent the hall in a second startup then only with row seating would rent. The AFD had already invited the delegates to Schmallenberg after earlier information. The party had renounced the previously planned venue in the Cologne trade fair. Also there, the party would have to have to take the action after a cancellation of the fair. (dpa)

Labor Market in NRW: From January more short-time work .
threatens again due to the development of the Corona Pandemic and the supply bottlenecks in many areas of the economy, after the estimation of the Federal Employment Agency for Work in January, the short-time worker regime in NRW will need to be used more frequently. "But we hope that the climb is not so strong," said the head of the Regional Directorate NRW, Torsten Withake in Dusseldorf. Since February, the short-time work quota in NRW has declined continuously.

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