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Entertainment: Bald: We all make this Christmas decoration mistake!

Rob Thomas Admits New Album Is Inspired by Hallmark Christmas Movies

  Rob Thomas Admits New Album Is Inspired by Hallmark Christmas Movies Rob Thomas Admits New Album Is Inspired by Hallmark Christmas Movies“I lucked out because during the summer Hallmark movie channel was having their ‘Christmas in July’ [marathon],” Thomas, 49, exclusively told Us Weekly on Monday, November 1, while promoting his new Something About Christmas Time album. “So, like, I could just leave that on the whole time, and then I only had to, like, you know, bring down my Christmas DVDs — of which I have many — just for a little bit of June and a little bit in August.

When the Christmas season begins, we are happy to decorate our four walls. Wreaths, candles and a Christmas tree must come! But watched in front of these deco errors

Weihnachtsdekoration sorgt für eine schöne Stimmung im ganzen Raum istockphoto © iStockphoto Christmas decoration ensures a beautiful mood in the whole room iStockphoto

The pre-Christmas time brings a nice atmosphere into our home. Everything shines in a warm candlelight and fresh branches ensure a great scent in every room. Deko lovers are especially looking forward to this time as much can be done. From home-bent decoration to fair lights and fir branches everything is included. But watched in front of these deco errors, they provide for an unsightly overall picture:

Christmas in New York: These 10 things you have to have made

 Christmas in New York: These 10 things you have to have made Christmas in New York is the dream of many. While the locals experience him every year, there are more and more tourists. Here are our top ten for Christmas party in Big Apple. © rabbit75_ist / iStock Christmas in New York Ultimately, New York is always worth a visit. In summer, many locals flown out and tourists are quasi among themselves. Many visitors also love the autumn at the Hudson River - the vast majority, however, prefer the Christmas time . There are many good reasons for that.

1. They only stick to the Christmas colors red and green

Christmas spirit can also be produced by other colors than the standard combination red and green. Mostly the color red does not fit in the rooms and acts quickly too intrusive. Just hold to the color that prevails in the respective room (eg purple or gray) and then decorate with green branches and metallic christmas decoration in gold or silver. Suitable would be, for example, candlesticks or glass bells with balls.

2. You place your Christmas tree at the wrong place

buying, erecting and decorating the Christmas tree is associated with a lot of work. Accordingly, he should also be the star of the room by standing. In a dark corner or in an inconspicuous spot, the beautiful tree usually does not come correctly. For a large, beautifully decorated Christmas tree, therefore, a small redesign of the furniture is worthwhile. Set a few armchairs around it or put the tree near your sofa in front of a big wall. It should be cozy and the Christmas tree should fall into the eye immediately.

Auntie Anne's Snowball Nuggets Are Back, This Time for Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas

  Auntie Anne's Snowball Nuggets Are Back, This Time for Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas In addition to Auntie Anne's Freeform is also collaborating with Paper Source on a collection of Christmas-themed gift wrap, greeting cards, and festive stationary items For Auntie Anne's, that means putting a new twist on old holiday favorites. The pretzel chain is bringing back its Snowball Nuggets and Peppermint Chocolate Frost drink, serving both in custom 25 Days of Christmas-themed packaging. "Never had either? Now's the time to try. The Snowball Nuggets take Auntie Anne's freshly baked, hot-outta-the-oven pretzel bits and sprinkles them with powdered sugar for the perfect sweet and salty combination.

3. You leave the deco lights all night over

if you leave light chains on the windows or outdoors in front of the house all night over, that's a tremendous power offspring. Nobody gets some of them and neighbors may feel disturbed. Imagine a reminder to turn off the lights before going to bed.

4. You exaggerate it with the decoration

for a beautiful Christmas decoration you do not have to decorate any inch of your apartment. Less is sometimes more. For example, decide on the windowsill either for the fairy lights or for a pair of candles. Too much light from different sources at one point is often exaggerated. Even with the hanging decoration, you should rather tackle it. Either choose a few balls on the chimney or the golden stars.

5. They decorate only the living room Auch die Küche hat großes Potential für schöne Weihnachtsdeko istockphoto © iStockphoto also the kitchen has great potential for beautiful Christmas decoration iStockphoto

You do not have to equip every room in the house with many decoration elements, but only to limit yourself to one, is something little . Try to bring a small Christmas touch into every room, and decorate the living room or the room where you and your family are the most widely located. A few small fir branches in the bathroom, a candle on the kitchen window and a fairy lights in the bedroom provide a Christmas mood.

Bring in holiday cheer with Kelly Clarkson, Pentatonix, more

  Bring in holiday cheer with Kelly Clarkson, Pentatonix, more It’s that time of year to grab some hot coco, don your coziest sweater and put on some festive tunes. Whether you’re dealing with holiday heartbreak or reuniting with loved ones after an uncertain two years, there’s music for everyone this season. Associated Press journalists sampled a variety of albums, offering up the early gift of holiday release reviews for Kelly Clarkson, Pentatonix, Pistol Annies, Norah Jones and more. ___ Pentatonix, “Evergreen” (RCA Records) It’s not really Christmas until the gang from Pentatonix release new material and this year they’ve stretched the definition of Christmas material.

6. You do not think of decorating children or pets

If you have cats or small children in the house, you can not hang many decoration elements deep. Children and pets are pulling it and the decoration may break. Also cats play madly with balls hanging far down on the Christmas tree. Customize here, otherwise the whole tree may fall or can fall off candles.

psst: How to avoid stress at Christmas!

7. You do not use your old Christmas cards

Beautiful Christmas cards from past years do not have to stove in boxes. Get them out and use the beautiful greeting cards as a Christmas decoration. In a picture frame, on a mirror or on a souvenir panel in the kitchen, the pretty cards are best to be valid.

8. You think only in December at Christmas decoration

best watch out all year round on beautiful items that would be suitable as a decoration. Whether on vacation or another city. The best part of making thoughts about the Christmas deck all year: from January the decoration is reduced in many shops.

(author: Isabella Maximum)

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