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Entertainment: "Just a little tip from me": Scholz calls Jusos to restraint at traffic light criticism on

Scholz wants Germany "Winterfest" and pleads for 3G at the workplace

 Scholz wants Germany Berlin. SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz keeps more Corona restrictions needed in view of the record new infections to make Germany in the pandemic winter festival. He also speaks for a 3G regulation in the workplace. © Kay Nietfeld Olaf Scholz talks in the Bundestag. he agreed with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), said Vicekanzler Olaf Scholz (SPD) on Thursday in the Bundestag.

The SPD offspring has reservations about working with the FDP. Chancellor Olaf Scholz advises Jusos to deal with criticism of the Union.

Der voraussichtliche neue Kanzler Olaf Scholz (SPD). © Photo: DPA / Frank Rumpenhorst The expected new Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD).

The estimated new Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has recruited for the coalition with Greens and FDP and called the Jusos for restraint in dealing with the future partners . One should now deal with the CDU than with those who want to carry the SPD a break together, Scholz warned on Saturday at the Federal Congress of the Jusos in Frankfurt. Previously, it had given criticism from ranks of the junior organization, among other things, that FDP boss Christian Lindner is to become new Minister of Finance.

Coronavirus debate in the Bundestag: "You obviously have fear of FDP«

 Coronavirus debate in the Bundestag: of the bill of the traffic light parties to replace the epidemic situation in the Bundestag encourages much criticism. Speakers of the opposition criticize him as too lash. A Union member attacked Karl Lauderbach personally. © Annegret Hilse / Reuters makes sense to leave the "epidemic location of national scope" in the midst of the fourth corona wave at the end of November? That's exactly what the traffic light parties have - and had to listen in the Bundestag criticism of the Union.

"It's not important who has which department," said Scholz. "It's about a total performance that the government has to bring about. And of course, the political goals that we have agreed in the coalition agreement, and the things we want to make together, so that they succeed because they all do right - the Annalena, the Robert, the Christian and all the others with which we now form the common government. "In addition to Lindner, the two Greens boss Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck.

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Scholz find it more meaningful, "that you are busy with the Union than with those with whom we want to carry the departure now, "said Scholz. This is "just a little tip from me" to the Jusos. Previously, dissatisfaction with the coalition agreement and in particular with the future coalition partner FDP had become loud at the Federal Congress.

traffic light coalition: This is the timetable up to chancellor's election

 traffic light coalition: This is the timetable up to chancellor's election of the coalition agreement. But the parties must agree to the new traffic light coalition. The parties are very different. © dpa that the Social Democrat becomes the next Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, is as good as safe. The coalition agreement is, but the traffic light coalition is not yet. Before OLAF Scholz (SPD) can be chosen to the Federal Chancellor at the beginning of December , , the three parties must first agree to the coalition agreement.

Scholz emphasized: "We have a situation in which we really can trust a departure for Germany." This has to do with the very special constellation of the three future government partners. "That's what I think can carry, far beyond what we currently have a look." A "new social majority" can be represented. "That's a big change," said Scholz. "Incidentally, this also applies to the Union, which somehow suspects that this may be something that works much more long-term."

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SPD, GREEN and FDP had presented a coalition agreement on Wednesday. Two months after the federal election they laid the foundation for the first traffic light federal government. What the party leaders have negotiated must be confirmed. SPD and FDP have party days on weekends 4./5. December planned. The Greens decide in a vote on the contract and the green personnel creation for the Federal Cabinet. During the week from December 6, Scholz should then be elected to the Chancellor in the Bundestag.

Social Democrats: Sincerely Kevin Kühnert

 Social Democrats: Sincerely Kevin Kühnert Shortly before the end of the Young Socialist Federal Congress, the former chairman and party vice a message to Olaf Scholz: Too much harmony there will not be in the traffic-government. He cares for that. © Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa Kevin Kühnert, Deputy National Chairman of the Social Democratic Party, speaks at the Federal Congress of the Young Socialists.

"traffic light euphoria does not exist with us"

The green youth discussed on Saturday in Berlin about the coalition agreement. Despite reserved, in particular in social and climate policy, she recommended its consent to its members. "Damping euphoria does not exist with us. Nobody stands here with traffic lights confetti cannons, "said Green Youth Chief Timon Dzieneus at a conference of the young organization with about 50 delegates from the countries. But he also stressed: "This coalition agreement opens a first window for improvements."

The so-called Council Council adopted an urgency application of the board with smaller changes and a large majority. "We as green youth will not put us against the coalition agreement and therefore recommend the consent to the coalition agreement to our members. It remains unaffected that each member can make a free and self-determined decision in compliance with the evaluation, "it says there.

The 125,000 GREEN members can decide on the coalition agreement until 6 December in a premium. A simple majority is enough, a quorum does not exist. Just over two thirds of around 18,000 members of the Green Youth, namely after recent information 12 480, has a party book. Thus, followers of the junior organization make about a tenth of all green members. (dpa)

Scholz: Am also the chancellor of the unvaccinated .
flexibly wants to act the new federal government in the fight against the Corona pandemic. "Red lines" will not exist - so chancellor Scholz - do not give. He also has an opinion on a Christmas Lockdown. © Hannibal Hanschke / AFP / Getty Images Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz At the Combat of the Coronavirus , the new Chancellor Olaf Scholz does not want to exclude a measure. "There must be no 'red lines', which this pandemic really showed us.

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