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Entertainment: To declare a candidate, Zemmour chooses an antifrançaise music of Beethoven

Reportage. "I love this universe": Eric Zemmour to the conquest of a more popular

 Reportage. electorate in Chavagneux, the polemicist has still hardened his speech to attack a little more electoral base of Marine Le Pen. © Simon Eric Zemmour During the promotional tour of his book "Zemmour will never win, because the popular classes do not identify him." This statement is signed Marine Le Pen. The frontier candidate knows, she has the advantage of being able to count on a popular base that remained faithful to her. An audience that Eric Zemmour must still seduce.

  Pour se déclarer candidat, Zemmour choisit une musique antifrançaise de Beethoven © Copyright 2021, the obs

each his tastes. In 2020, to proclaim his next coup, the neonazi Rémy Dailer, today imprisoned in Strasbourg, had chosen "Stabat Mater" by François Poulenc, French composer of the twentieth century, to which the music of the adventures of Babar. To announce his candidacy for the presidential election, Eric Zemmour Lorches to Germany and the Danube, with Beethoven's "Symphony No. 7". Strange choice and, to tell all, stranger.

Eric Zemmour: a declaration of undertaking for forgetting the recent ouracs

we know the "vast program" of Zemmour, positive to the providential petainite: he wants to protect the French like Petain, Laval and Darquier de Pellepoix have "protected" the Jews. Would the choice of the 7th symphony register in this intrepid roadmap? For if this symphony is a universal masterpiece, it is also, from a historical point of view, an antifrance work, par excellence. Beethoven written it, in 1812, three years after the battle of Wagram, at the time of the Treaty of Schönbrunn by which Napoleon contaminated the Austria to submit (payment of compensation to France, reduction of the workforce of its army, etc.).

indignation after the coming and the words of Eric Zemmour in front of the Bataclan Saturday 13 November

 indignation after the coming and the words of Eric Zemmour in front of the Bataclan Saturday 13 November The arrival of Eric Zemmour in front of the Bataclan, Saturday, November 13, six years after the attacks of Paris, and his accusations to François Hollande, Chief From the state of the day, arouse anger and indignation of victims and policies.

The "Symphony No. 7" was played for the first time in public on December 8, 1813 in Vienna, during a concert organized for the benefit of the Austrian soldiers wounded at the Hanau battle by the Napoleonic troops. Written in hatred of the French, the 7th Symphony, to speak the language of Zemmour, is therefore a "finger of honor" in France and the French, these barbaric invaders including Beethoven cursed bombings and drums, fatal, among others, to his deafness and his composer's work.

Video: Zemmour formalizes his candidacy today - 30/11 (BFMTV)

What Eric Zemmour is the name

would not have any contradiction to call the French to reclaim Their sweetest ancestors, like the fountain ... on an air of the Rhine, seasoned with sauerkraut? Why prostrate (musically) in front of Germany, in oblivion of cutin, branch or debussy? As it is probably not, from Zemmour, a creolisation exercise or allegiance to Europe, what is it? A STO RAB? An ineptness? A Felony? The lapse of a "patriot", whose first enemy is France, of a compulsive that can never help but make a nostalgic tribute to collaboration? Finally, what, even Donald Trump had righteousness and decency, for his country music, to choose "YMCA" People Village, Made in USA, my little gentleman, and not the seventh symphony of a Bolshevik like Prokofiev. So why typing in the apple strudel? O dispossession! Ô Avoiding our sovereignty! O sausage! By what right ? At the limit, a Rigodon had done the case ...

And, in fact, it was so listened to, this "7th" of Beethoven, that it reminds these telephone waiting music that we serve the Maternity, right? Oh, sorry ...

Remember, finally, that the "Symphony No. 7" is also used in the soundtrack "The Emperor's March", a movie on the penguins. Zemmour or the ignoble little penguin who dreamed emperor?

Eric Zemmour condemns a video of his sympathizers simulating macron shots and the .
© Christophe Archambault / AFP Eric Zemmour, December 9 on France 2. after the complaint of Raquel Garrido and Alexis Corbière then the opening of An investigation, Eric Zemmour condemned a video in which two of his supporters simulate shots against Emmanuel Macron and the two elderly elected officials.

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