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Entertainment: "Power 100" ranking: No one, but NFT in 1

NHL power rankings 2021-22: Overreactions for Maple Leafs, Hurricanes and every other team

  NHL power rankings 2021-22: Overreactions for Maple Leafs, Hurricanes and every other team It's time to overreact! Sporting News looks at all the craziness to start the season.OK, now that that's done, let's, of course, freak out because — don't be shocked — the unexpected has happened. The Sabres and Red Wings are winning! The Bruins and Avalanche are .500! The Coyotes are bad! Well, that last one was definitely expected.

Racism, climate change and of course the pandemic determined the art of the past twelve months. But in place 1 of the influential "Power 100" list is not a human artist this year.

Die kleinen Cryptopunks-Bildchen gehören zu den erfolgreichsten NFT-Projekten. © Rokas Tenys / The small cryptopunkscaps are among the most successful NFT projects.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) are at the top of this year's worldwide art stranking "Power 100". The list published annually by the British Magazine Artreview covers the most influential personalities and movements of the current art in the view of an anonymous jury.

Cryptopunks: Christie's auctioned NFT package for nearly 17 million dollars

Quentin Tarantino auctioned uncut "Pulp Fiction" scenes as NFTs

 Quentin Tarantino auctioned uncut It also offers handwritten scripts and exclusive audio comments. © Provided by Quentin Tarantino It also offers handwritten scripts and exclusive audio comments. Star Director Quentin Tarantino has announced that he is auctioned as NFT's uncut "Pulp Fiction" scenes. NFTS (non-Fungible token) are digitally protected objects that are not replaceable. They are based on a drawing series, which are unlike the so-called "Fungible Token", neither interchangeable nor copatable.

women make less than 16 percent of the NFT art market from

The age of the Kryptokunst has begun

calls as an example of NFT artworks The jury The project Cryptopunks created a few years ago, which could acquire interested unique, digitally generated two-dimensional portraits.

While still unclear whether the NFT is a short-term hype or established them in the art world, many museums, artists and galleries have been dealing with the topic in the past twelve months, said it from the jury. For works like those of the digital artist Beeple, considerable prices have been achieved. In addition, the protection of digital originals for artists is an alternative to the traditional marketing routes.

also German representatives in the top 5

square 2 occupies the American anthropologist Anna L. Tsing, which for their work at the interface of art and science in the face of the ecological catastrophe was awarded. With their representations - among other things from the point of view of a fungus - you can create room for new perspectives.

Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ Short Film: Jake Gyllenhaal Easter Eggs, More

  Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ Short Film: Jake Gyllenhaal Easter Eggs, More Walk down memory lane! Taylor Swift seemingly hinted at her relationship with ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal in her All Too Well short film. The nearly 15-minute video, written and directed by the 31-year-old Grammy winner, dropped on Friday, November 12, in tandem with the release of Red (Taylor’s Version). Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien starred in the project as “Her” and “Him,” though their characters bore a striking similarity to Swift and Gyllenhaal, 40. The short featured the 10-minute version of “All Too Well,” which fans have long assumed was inspired by the Spider-Man: Far From Home actor. Swift continued to play coy about her muse for the song at the Friday premiere for the film. “That’s one of the interesting questions that people ask me all the time about songs, and what I think is important to note is that these songs were mine years ago when they were written. Now they’re ours, now they’re shared,” she told Extra. “I think every person out there might have someone they think of when they hear the song, and that’s what I want.” Swift noted the impact of the track even before its reemergence on her new album. “This is all about what the fans have turned this song into,” she told The Associated Press on Friday. “It was never a single, never had a video, it never had a visual element to it, but they pretty much created their own imaginary cinematic universe for it, so this is just me following through on what they started and what they told me they wanted.

Germany plays a role in the first five places of the ranking twice: Onth place, the Indonesian collective RuangRupa was honored, which in the artistic direction of the upcoming documenta in Kassel was honored. The German artist Anne Imhof, 2017 with the German Pavilion in Venice winner of the Golden Lion, made it ranked # 5 of the "Power 100". The jury highlighted her "dark abstract, ritualized spectacles" and praised the artist for her hitherto biggest exhibition "Nature Mortes" in the Parisian Palais de Tokyo.

criterion for the jury is that the movements and personalities have actively influenced globally over the past twelve months, such as contemporary art arises. Artists who deal with the topics of climate change and racism or discrimination were equally represented several times in the list. Last year, the "Black Lives Matter" movement was in place 1 of the list. dpa

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