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Entertainment: Christmas makes you sick? You may be suffering from "christougenniatikophobia"

How Elton John Finally Convinced Ed Sheeran to Collaborate on a Christmas Song

  How Elton John Finally Convinced Ed Sheeran to Collaborate on a Christmas Song Sheeran announced that he is officially releasing a new Christmas song with John, despite some initial hesitationHowever, as Sheeran told to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, he was originally pretty opposed to the idea, citing the amount of effort needed to create a true Christmas hit as the biggest obstacle.

The spirit of Christmas : behind the magic, panic? This is what the name suggests a disorder increasingly studied: Christmas phobia. According to surveys relayed by the British media The Saxon two in five people suffer from marked anxiety, stress and anger to the Christmas holidays approaching year.

Both signals of a stinker phobia after the online media, reveals that in 2020 the percentage of consultations with therapists would have increased by 25% during the dreaded holiday season, a source of "emotional conflicts" . Not so surprising. Women and mothers in particular know well how these celebrations and preparations they involve (dinners, gifts, travel, shopping) are sources redoubled mental load. is thus easily understood phobic.

Holiday TV brings new movies, specials - and Charlie Brown

  Holiday TV brings new movies, specials - and Charlie Brown LOS ANGELES (AP) — Supply-chain woes are this year's Grinch, threatening to steal gifts and good cheer. But TV is overstocked with holiday specials and rom-coms — including the Food Network's first movie and the rebranded GAC Family channel's Christmas debut. Old favorites such as 1965's “A Charlie Brown Christmas” may require a measure of strategy to watch. The classic Peanuts special will air on PBS and, for a three-day window, be available free on Apple TV+. The twist for the Food Network's film is its debut on corporate sibling discovery+ which, as with other streaming services, offers a free-trial option.

What if it was you?


anxiety Grinch There are not the Grinch, the green grumpy Dr. Seuss, who hates Christmas and wants to end it. The reasons to apprehend anxiously this period are more legitimate than one might believe. In Gremlins already (1984), macabre tale of the most famous of our childhood, the character of Kate (Phoebe Cates) summarized the time the death of his father - died in the fire, dressed as Santa Claus.

In unison, many people suffer from anxiety, loneliness or burnout Social (endless family meal requires) when come all the celebrations of green and glowing red.

Christmas phobia even has a name: the natalophobie (or christougenniatikophobia with our English friends). Fear of Christmas, develops Wikipedia phobias, usually begin in early childhood, as a result of bad events associated with Christmas (this is the case of Kate in Gremlins). The evocation of Santa Claus, opening gifts and snow can all lead you to natalophobie and cause nausea, rapid heartbeat or even fainting. Nothing magical in there you will agree.

Bring in holiday cheer with Kelly Clarkson, Pentatonix, more

  Bring in holiday cheer with Kelly Clarkson, Pentatonix, more It’s that time of year to grab some hot coco, don your coziest sweater and put on some festive tunes. Whether you’re dealing with holiday heartbreak or reuniting with loved ones after an uncertain two years, there’s music for everyone this season. Associated Press journalists sampled a variety of albums, offering up the early gift of holiday release reviews for Kelly Clarkson, Pentatonix, Pistol Annies, Norah Jones and more. ___ Pentatonix, “Evergreen” (RCA Records) It’s not really Christmas until the gang from Pentatonix release new material and this year they’ve stretched the definition of Christmas material.

"The Christmas holidays are usually emotionally charged because they involve celebrations, meetings, the hubbub. This can lead to some emotional instability, which can take the form of anxiety, frustration and personal dissatisfaction" decrypts The Saxon.

If Christmas brings home a little more than boredom, weariness or fatigue (fault champagne certainly), perhaps is this proof of your experience phobic of it. Especially if you are having emotional problems, family or economic problems which various Christmas refer you fatally.

How to treat this phobia?

But once considered the extent of the phobia, how to cope? For the site Marshall News, Christmas phobia is primarily a sign of social anxiety, anxiety which suffer no less than fifteen million adults. To distance, rest and isolation appears to be a clear alternative: say no to the holiday rush, even appearing as a marginal voice, to better preserve his sanity. © Adobe Stock

Bald: We all make this Christmas decoration mistake!

 Bald: We all make this Christmas decoration mistake! When the Christmas season begins, we are happy to decorate our four walls. Wreaths, candles and a Christmas tree must come! But watched in front of these deco errors © iStockphoto Christmas decoration ensures a beautiful mood in the whole room iStockphoto The pre-Christmas time brings a nice atmosphere into our home. Everything shines in a warm candlelight and fresh branches ensure a great scent in every room. Deko lovers are especially looking forward to this time as much can be done.

Souffrez-vous de phobie de Noël ? you suffering from phobia Christmas?

Consult a therapist or doctor, however, remains the most important solutions. "I have patients who come to this period. Between 5% and 8% of my consultations and tele Christmas relate to the arrival of the holiday season. Two or three consultations with a psychologist can already help people who need, "said Fanny in that Jacq, psychiatrist Maxisciences magazine.

The pressure that can represent Christmas period judgments that can twist to self-deprecation or depression, is not to be taken lightly. It is recommended to pay attention to the anxiety of many Christmas phobic, their vulnerability, and their desire to refocus on itself in full celebration. This social anxiety, pandemic has also gladly exacerbated. Today, Christmas phobia seems more legitimate. The natalophobie has nothing of fantasy.

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