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Entertainment: NENê explains Messi's difficulties at PSG

For Messi, "The selection goes before the PSG"

 For Messi, Lionel Messi is not ready to privilege his club to the detriment of his national team, according to what his national coach has assured. © Panoramic Lionel Messi Argentina Lionel Messi joined this week his selection while he was not in full possession of his means. A decision that made teeth cringe in his PSG club, but the person concerned did not imagine to miss the gathering of Albiceleste.

for having been confronted with the same constraints upon his arrival in France, NENê believes to know why Lionel Messi is slow to explode at PSG.

Lionel Messi PSG © Panoramic Lionel Messi PSG

Despite its immense talent and a status that no other player has, Lionel Messi struggles to draw his game of the game in Paris SG. It shines but it is only in itself and it feels in difficulty in a championship it just has to discover. What is this delay with ignition? Is it the climate, as the interested party himself suggested in a confession made to his friend Luis Suarez? Or are other factors that prevent him from finding his level of Barça?

Messi not convinced by the PSG

 Messi not convinced by the PSG © provided by Lionel Messi opened its counter in L1 during this psg-Nantes. now paint 12 points ahead in Ligue 1, the PSG continues to overwrite the championship. It is otherwise in the league of champions where the two draws conceded in Bruges and Leipzig are worth at the capital club to point to the second place of his group and having to prevail on the lawn of Manchester City , Wednesday, to find the first place.

Messi will respond during large nENê matches, eg PSG player, thinks he has the answer to this question. For him, Messi simply has trouble for the moment facing the defenders of the League 1

. It would take time to tame their characteristics. "My difficulties, upon my arrival in France, were physical and tactical, he stressed on the chain the team. Here, in France, all the players are very physical and go very quickly. And all defenders are fast. In Spain, they are slower. And tactically they are strong and intelligent. I think for Messi it's the same thing ". The former footballer continued by declaring that Messi should not be expected to regain his outbreak of yesteryear and all along a season. "He will continue to be Messi. He will adapt and be better. It will be there during the crucial moments of Champions League. But at his age, he can not play at the same intensity the 50 matches of the season. He will not be able to do as in Barcelona. But we will see him 4 or 5 times at his best level, "concluded Nenê.

PSG relying on Mbappe's scoring ahead of Lyon game .
PARIS (AP) — Paris Saint-Germain's reliance on Kylian Mbappe keeps growing as he keeps scoring. That was illustrated again when he grabbed a hat trick in the French Cup on Monday night. It was against modest amateur side Vannes, but the quality of his finishing stood out regardless and took his overall tally this season to 18 goals in 25 games. The trip to Lyon on Sunday in the league may prove more difficult for Mbappe, given how hard it was to beat Lyon in September. PSG needed a header from Mauro Icardi in the final seconds of stoppage time in that meeting. Lyon dominated for spells and often gives PSG a hard game at home.

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