Entertainment: Spider-Man: Replusted exit for a Marvel movie dedicated to one of his enemies

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  Forbidden Romance! Tom Holland, Zendaya Told Not to Date on 'Spider-Man' Set Forbidden Romance! Tom Holland, Zendaya Told Not to Date on 'Spider-Man' Set“I took Tom and Zendaya aside, separately, when we first cast them and gave them a lecture,” Pascal, 63, revealed in a Friday, December 17 interview with The New York Times.

worn by Jared Leto, the Morbius movie has just been pushed back a few months by Sony.

The fans of the Vampire Morbius will still have to take their evil in patience. Shifted several times because of the Pandemic of Covid-19, the feature film carried by the Oscarée Jared Leto has just been repelled again.

It's no longer on January 26th, but on March 30 that the character introduced in the Marvel comics as an Entremi de Spider-Man will land on a large screen in France. In the United States, it goes from January 28 to April 1.

according to Deadline , one of the factors that would have pushed Sony to shift the output of Morbius is the monumental success encountered by Spider-Man: No Way Home , another production of the studio. The movie screens planned for the film with Jared Leto could continue to project the one with Tom Holland and thus bring back even more money to Sony.

That's for "Spider-Man: No Way Home": Scarlett Johansson & Co. Jump Marvel Blockbuster from the Cinema Throne

 That's for one right away: " Spider-Man: No Way Home " is a mega hit which all expectations at least fulfill (and even more exceeded). The film already played over $ 1.69 billion worldwide and now occupies the sixth rank of the most successful films of all time despite Corona circumstances (which may probably remain).

However, according to the Hollywood Reporter , the postponement is mainly due to the soaring Covid cases related to the Omicron Variant in the United States.

  Spider-Man : sortie repoussée pour un film Marvel consacré à l'un de ses ennemis © Sony Pictures Relance France

As a reminder, the film of Daniel Espinosa is interested in Dr. Morbius, seriously reached a rare blood disease and determined to save all the victims of this pathology. He then tries a desperate bet but what seems at first sight to be a success quickly proves like a remedy potentially more serious than the disease ...

Morbius is also in the same universe as Venom , which could be The elsewhere cross, while the presence of the vulture played by Michael Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming has been confirmed by the first trailer!

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