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Entertainment: "Who is a millionaire?": Celebrity phone joker shocks Günther Jauch!

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The program "Who is becoming a millionaire?" is always good for a surprise! Most recently, the blasphemies made a candidate about their own daughter for a stir. Now it's a famous phone joker that makes even Günther Jauch speechless. But from the beginning!

„Wer wird Millionär?“ nach langer Pause wieder zurück © mg rtl d "Who is a millionaire?" After a long break back "Who is becoming a millionaire?": Arjen Robben as a telephone joker

in the broadcast on Tuesday evening, Timo Zang managed to the famous council chair. The 35-year-old struggled well, but at the 32 000 euro question, the candidate had to fit. The question: "What is, FS 'on behalf of the disease transmitted by ticks?" To choose to choose an insect style, a forest region, a season (correct) and a intestinal virus.

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Because he did not know the answer, he had to use a joker and first thought about his phone joker. And since the teacher from Munich had not been able to win no one as an ex-Bayern star Arjen Robben for his participation! Of course, he was actually planned for his sport knowledge and therefore not for the answer to the question.

WWM candidate will take place 125,000 euros

But Günther Jauch was not blamed badly when Arjen Robben appeared on the screen. "Arjen Robben do you have a phone joker? No! ", The moderator perplexed. Timo Zang and the world-class kickers know each other really well and are still in contact. "When he stopped in Munich to play football and then still stayed in Munich, we played Padel tennis together for a year," says the Munich.

He also betrayed that Robben was a hairstyle and in all sports . He could not demonstrate his ability to "who became a millionaire?" For a woman from the audience that helped him to answer. In the end, the teacher landed at rich 125 000 euros.

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