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Griezmann Number 1 History?

 Griezmann Number 1 History? © Provided by Sports.co.uk Soon top scorer in the history of the France team? Two friendly matches in Qatar in March, 6 shocks in the League of Nations between June and September and, at least, at least the 3 meetings of the group stage of the World Cup 2022 from 21 November. The France team of Didier Deschamps is now fixed on its intense next year's program, with the world title it will give into play.

Hugo Lloris (Tottenham) © Provided by Sports.fr Hugo Lloris (Tottenham)

Ten years after his departure from the Olympique Lyonnais , Hugo Lloris is preparing to find Ligue 1? Some clubs of the hexagon dream. At the end of the contract at Tottenham next June, the captain of the France team is indeed on the tablets of two teams of the championship: Nice and Rennes . Despite the beautiful benefits of Walter Benitez, which recently acquired French nationality, the azure leaders would have even made the return of the native of Nice one of the priorities of the next Estival Mercato.

But Nice will therefore have to compose with the competition of Stadium Rennais, where Aldred Gomis failed to make Edouard Mendy forget. And believe France Bleu, the arrival of Hugo Lloris is desired at the top. It is indeed François Pinault, the owner of the Breton club, which militates for the signing of the tricolor world champion. And to achieve its ends, the rich businessman is ready to get the hand to the portfolio to enable the former Lyonnais to keep his salary of 500,000 euros perceived among the SPIRs. A salary significantly higher than the salary grid in force at the Rennais Stadium. And Rennes can rely on another asset: the presence of Bruno Genesio and Florian Maurice, that Hugo Lloris has rubbed shoulders in his four years spent at Olympique Lyonnais.

SID Survey: Freiburg Greatest Surprise The First Round

 SID Survey: Freiburg Greatest Surprise The First Round The SC Freiburg is the greatest surprise of the previous Bundesliga season for the German football fans. © Provided by sport1.de SID survey: Freiburg Greatest surprise The first round The SC Freiburg is the greatest surprise of the previous Bundesliga season for the German football fans. This comes from a survey of the VOTING platform FANQ on behalf of the Sport Information Service (SID). Accordingly, 58.9 percent of respondents chose the Breisgauer as the biggest surprise team, the team of coa

Video: Tottenham - tale evokes the ndombema case (dailymotion)

However, a return of the Captain of the Blues in Ligue 1 remains hypothetical. Seen from England, the trend goes indeed to an extension of contract in the Spurs. And this despite the arrival, last summer, from Pierluigi Gollini, loaned by the Atalanta Bergamo and in whom some saw the successor of the French guardian. But the arrival of Antonio Conte may have changed the game. The Italian technician holds the Nice in very high esteem and militates for its extension. "Hugo has shown in this game that it is the best and that it is always focused. For us, it is very important and I am convinced that in a short time, he will find an agreement with the club, because he loves Tottenham and Tottenham love him, "he still entrusted the last weekend after the won victory facing Watford.

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