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Entertainment: Microsoft takes for 70 billion dollars after "Candy Crush" developer

Bitcoin Wal, apparently, used Krypto crash to buy

 Bitcoin Wal, apparently, used Krypto crash to buy The price slide on the crypto market for the month's launch has apparently played an anonymous bitcoin whale in the maps: The BTC owner has significantly increased its holdings. © Provided by Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images • Krypto-Whale has apparently used BTC price slide • Around 3,000 Bitcoins purchased • stocks to around $ 6 billion removed information from "The Independent" according to An Bitcoin owner used the price premiums at Bitcoin at the beginning of December for a large

  Microsoft greift für 70 Mrd Dollar nach © Microsoft It would be by far the biggest deal in the industry at all. Demand for video games has increased significantly since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic because of the widespread Lockdowns. Microsoft would rise through the deal on the world's third largest computer game conk. "Gaming is the most dynamic and exciting category in the entertainment industry and will play a key role in the development of metaverse platforms," ​​said Microsoft Boss Satya Nadella. The "metaver" is seen by IT experts as a future of the internet. It stands for a common virtual space in which all participants are crosslinked and operated with each other. Also Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg invests billions in the business and has recently renamed his group in Meta Platforms. Microsoft hopes for a greater clout of his Xbox gaming platform from the purchase. The Rival Sony with his PlayStation has last grown. Last week, the Activision Competitor Take-Two Interactive announced to swallow the "Farmville" creator Zynga for around eleven billion dollars.   Microsoft greift für 70 Mrd Dollar nach © Reuters

Sexism allegations Against Activision

Maldives vacationers must now pay higher fees at the exit

 Maldives vacationers must now pay higher fees at the exit The Maldives have been charged since 1 January this year higher exit fees. Which costs Maldives travelers have to expect when they leave the island State in the Indian Ocean - TravelBook has all the information. © Getty Images Maldives Exit Fees White powdered sugar beaches, turquoise sea, first-class diving and snorkeling area and mostly expensive luxury hotels - the Maldives also apply under German holidaymakers for decades as (teasures) dream destination.

Microsoft has already made major investments in gaming companies in recent years and bought the "Minecraft" manufacturer Mojang Studios. For Activision Blizzard, Microsoft now offers $ 95 per share, which corresponds to a surcharge of 45 percent to the closing price from Friday. The shares of Activision Blizzard shot at Wall Street more than 30 percent in height. Even in Europe, the titles of competitors such as Ubisoft, Frontier and Paradox increased significantly. Analysts of MIDCAP Partners designated the project of Microsoft as "a crazy thing". Activision Blizzard is currently in focus of a sexism scandal. In the course of investigations, recently 37 employees were released, 44 other persons received warnings. Also Activision boss Bobby Kotick is therefore in criticism. RTR

Microsoft Share Sorry Friendly: Microsoft with sales and winning jump .
The Microsoft IT Group has opened its books and reported on its business development. © Provided by Mario Vedder / Getty Images Microsoft has earned more than expected in your second quarter thanks to the strong cloud business. Nevertheless, in a first response to the figures in post-export trading at the NASDAQ, there was temporarily around 5 percent, but then could catch and posted down to $ 291.94, ultimately.

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