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Entertainment: Jamie Lynn Spears shares a textus allegedly from Britney Spears in his autobiography

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  Jamie Lynn Spears partage un texto prétendument de Britney Spears dans son autobiographie © supplied by Cover Media

Jamie Lynn Spears shared a text by his sister Britney Spears would have sent him in which she apologizes to be "as angry as! " against her. The rumors of a blister between the two sisters started last year and were confirmed by the 30-year-old actress during a television interview last week. This appearance triggered a heated exchange between them on social networks.

the toxic singer lasted his sister for allegedly writing "crazy lies" about him in his memoirs and used his fame to sell them, while Jamie Lynn Spears replied by asking his big sister to stop publishing "Vague and accusing messages" about it. In addition, the star of Sweet Magnolias said that the eldest messages on social networks did not match their private exchanges.

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In his memoirs, Things I Should Have Said, she shares a private message she attributes to Britney Spears in which she apologizes to be "as angry" against her. "In a recent text of my sister, she herself declared:" I know it's not your fault and I'm sorry to be as angry with you. Although I'm your big sister, I'm Need you more than you need me and it has always been the case, "wrote Jamie Lynn Spears in the book, who came out Tuesday (Jan. 18). The authenticity of the text has not yet been verified.

"I pray for the day when she will share these words with the world, she added. I have no control over what the media reports and I can not be held responsible for something I have absolutely no control.

In the excerpt, it obviously referred to the Britney Spears tutelage, which ended in November, after 13 years. Jamie Lynn Spears said in his visit to Good Morning America last week she was not involved in the legal arrangement and tried to help her sister free themselves. Britney Spears replied that she had "always ranked" on the side of their father.

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