Entertainment: "The Office" on Netflix: That's why you should not see the series in German synchronous entry

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" The Office " is one of the greatest sitcoms of all time and next to "Spongebob Square Head" probably the series, from which most memes circle on the Internet. In the course of his nine seasons and a total of 201 episodes, the mockumenary hit has built up a huge fan base over the years. Since 15 January, the complete series is available on Netflix - optionally in German or English. However, if you want to experience the true genius of "The Office", then your choice should fall on the original sound. This is even more valid here than other comedy series. Because "The Office" is not suitable for synchros for several reasons.

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Reason 1: The Wordwitz

This argument can be brought to this pretty much every comedy series. Unlike dramas, where it is sufficient to follow the act and the emotions of the figures, comedic contents can not translate so easily. Here is a lot on wordwitz and timing and that often works only in the starting language. The same applies to "The Office". The authors wrote the jokes in English and not every one of them can also translate into German.

especially the main character Michael Scott ( Steve Carell ) brings constantly English phrases and jewelery mess. For example, Michael hashes, for example, when trying to use the phrase "How The Tables Have Turned" (in German: "How the Leaf has turned") and gets only an embarrassed "How The Turntables", followed by An enteric silence. In the German version, this line was almost literally translated by "as the turntable", which does not make sense at all.

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Grund 2: The improvisation

which distinguishes "The Office" also from consistently scripted sitcoms such as "The Big Bang Theory" is the high level of improvisation. Since the series is told in the mockumenary style (a fictitious film team turns within the action a documentation about the office employees), the actors * inside got permission to allow their own spontaneous ideas into their performances. As the cameras must react quickly to the resulting surprises as well as a genuine documentation, the mockumenary style is more authentic.

Just these moments of spontaneity also suffer from the translation. Synchronizer actors do not usually have this improvisation space. You have to keep yourself the script that on the one hand serves as a translation of the original lines, but on the other hand also to fit the lip movements of the figures. The result: The German version of "The Office" acts much contrary and even stiff compared to the spontaneous original.

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Grund 3: Stromberg

Why the German synchronous version of "The Office" look, if there is already a German version of it? Like the US variant of "The Office" is also "Stromberg" a kind of remake of the British original series. Who wants office humor in German, gets on Netflix with 46 episodes and a movie of "Stromberg" an excellent alternative.

Although there are also clear differences here: "Stromberg" fully relies on the UK original and entirely on uncomfortable external thrust factor while being honest with almost all characters in the US version, which "The Office" compared to "Stromberg" Clearly mass-compatible power. But who stands in that kind of humor will have fun with "Stromberg".

English skills required

Of course it needs sufficient English skills to enjoy "The Office" in the original sound. It brings nothing to look the series in English if you do not understand a word or make sure you have fun for you to have no fun anymore. Lower titles can help here, but are a matter of taste.

Most of us will see Sitcoms so to let yourself be relished with easily digestible and fun entertainment. So it's completely okay to select the German version at Netflix. Even though there is a considerable part of the genius of the original flute: "The Office" in German is still better than many other comedy series in the original sound.

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