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Entertainment: Federal Presidential Choice: AfD nominates CDU-man Otte

Strobl defended the police approach to protests against Corona measures

 Strobl defended the police approach to protests against Corona measures according to nationwide, partly unannounced protests against Corona measures with tens of thousands of participants, Baden-Württemberg's Minister of Interior Thomas Strobl (CDU) defends the procedure of the police. "The charge that we will not look closely, is absolutely inside the emptiness," said the chairman of the Interior Ministers Conference on Tuesday in the Ard "Morgenmagazin". However, the demonstration is "very big".

After a violent dispute, Party Refresh Chrupalla with the chairman of the value union as desired candidates through and david co-party feet Muthen.

Die AfD-Spitze streitet über Max Otte und auch in der CDU dürfte es Debatten geben. © Karlheinz Schindler / DPA The AFD tip is arguing over Max Otte and also in the CDU there should be debates. AfD nominates CDU man Otte

The AFD sets its own candidate for the election of the Federal President on February 13 with Max Otte. This was decided by the party of the party in the late Monday evening after a violent dispute in a shift conference. Six of the ten board members talked about these participants for the nomination of the controversial boss of the value union. Previously, the vast majority of 16 AFD national speakers for the 57-year-old economists had voted.

Administrative Court negotiates in March on AFD lawsuits against constitutional protection

 Administrative Court negotiates in March on AFD lawsuits against constitutional protection The Cologne Administrative Court will negotiate on 8 and 9 March on complaints of the AFD and their youth organization against the Federal Office for Constitutional Protection (BFV). That informed the court on Wednesday. It is about a total of four complaints of the AFD and the young alternative (yes) against the classification as suspected cases or as secured cases for a right-wing extremist aspiration through the BFV.

Otte himself was still commentful. Getting the candidacy as Federal President is one of the greatest honors that could happen to happen, the CDU politician said in a first reaction. "The Office offers the chance to heal, reconcile, to admonish. I advise me with my family and think intensively about it."

The personnel also applies as a directional decision in the internal AFD power struggle. Part Oreich Tino Chrupalla had proposed Otte against the will of still-co-boss Jörg Muthen and his for AFD ratios moderate camps. Otte had criticized him hard for his party strategy. In the case of the election of Ottes, Meuten spoke, but in the most important AFD body could not organize a majority against Otte. Meuten had already announced his farewell from the AFD tip on the next party congress - even because the influence of his camp was last swing.

Legal concerns about the role of the Economic Council in the CDU

 Legal concerns about the role of the Economic Council in the CDU The regular participation of the Economic Council to the CEO meetings of the CDU violates a legal opinion against the party law. The club LobbyControl calls for legal action. © Jens Schicke / Imago Images The regular participation of the CDU Administration Council to the Executive Board meetings of the CDU is not compatible with the party law and the Articles of Association of the CDU.

A candidature Ottes is likely to raise exclusion debates in the value union

OTTE is chairman of the ultraconservative value union. The association, which counts about 4,000 members and has appointed himself a "basic movement", does not play a major role in the Union. It is not officially recognized by her as a CDU grouping. Also in the value union Otte was long controversial. In autumn 2019, the union wanted to exclude him from the CDU. At that time, Otte had spoken against Hetze's rights for rights after the murder of the CDU politician Walter Lübcke. Otte had deleted the Tweet later and apologized to the family.

The AFD candidature is likely to bring the exclusion debates again, especially since Otte has narrow contacts to the AFD for some time. From June 2018 to January 2021 he was chairman of the Board of Trustees of the AfD-Close Desiderius Erasmus Foundation (of the). However, he had to go after he had recruited to integrate the actors of the dissolved and right-wing "wing" within the party. These rejected other parts of the tip.

The choice of the Federal President will take place on 13 February in the Federal Assembly - Attendant Frank-Walter Steinmeier advocates for a second term. His re-election is considered safe. The AFD is at most in the Federal Assembly at most at just over 150 of nearly 1500 votes. The AFD candidate is therefore opportune.

It is mainly about a symbolic application. The aim of the party must be to cut better than last time, it is called from the AFD tip. In the election of 2017, the AfD had sent the Bundestag deputy Albrecht Glaser against Steinmeier in the race. Glaser got only 42 votes in the vote in the Federal Assembly.

Joachim Wundrak: Unvaccinated AFD Member takes part behind Plexiglas to participate in the committee .
For the first time, due to the 2G-Plus rule, an unvaccinated AFD Member could not attend a central meeting in the Bundestag. Now a special solution was found. © Moritz Frankenberg / DPA The Bundestag has imposed new 2G-Plus rules - with direct consequences for the AFD deputy Joachim Wundrak . The parliamentarian is not vaccinated against SARS COV-2 according to SARS COV-2.

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