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Entertainment: Love is in the meadow 2022: An emblematic farmer will make her big come back in season 17!

Love is in the meadow 2021: Karine moved to Sébastien, lovers share their happiness!

 Love is in the meadow 2021: Karine moved to Sébastien, lovers share their happiness! © Capture M6 Love is in the meadow 2021: Karine moved to Sébastien, lovers share their happiness! As it announced on Instagram, Karine, the sparkling companion of Sébastien, the lavan farmer of the season 16 of love and in the meadow, has definitely left Paris to join him in Ardèche. It's a year 2022 that starts the best way for Karine and Sébastien .

L'amour est dans le pré 2022 : un agriculteur emblématique va faire son grand retour dans la saison 17 ! © Capture M6 Love is in the meadow 2022: an iconic farmer will make his big come back in the season 17! Surprise! M6 has just disclosed the names of the twelve farmers who will participate in the season 17 of love is in the meadow. Among them, a farmer who had already participated in the season 10 of the show in 2015!

This is a big surprise for the faithful viewers of the love is in the meadow . For the first time in the history of the emission of Karine the merchant , a farmer who has already participated in a previous season will retry his luck to find love in the meadow. On Tuesday, January 25, the production of M6 revealed the profiles of farmers who came to find love during this 17th season. And among them, there is a certain ... Thierry Olive ! The winemaker and Provencal arborist who had marked the spirits with his funny expression " naughty of spell " during the season 10 of the dating campaign broadcast in 2015.

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Thierry: the lover with great heart

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at the time, Thierry had fallen under the spell of Annick, a bubble Parisian who had quickly turned his head and capsize the heart of our farmer. And if their love story unfortunately had not lasted a long time, Thierry had subsequently made the knowledge of Monique. Thinking having found the rare pearl, the winemaker had everything bet on this relationship until you have wedding projects with its beautiful. But again, for the one who falls quickly in love, it was a sad failure. Having not said his last word, the 65-year-old arborist decided to try his luck again, taking his experiences spent as lessons.

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The 65-year-old farmer dreams of finding the great love

since 2015, the daily life of Thierry Olive has not changed. Always installed in the south-east of France, he continues to dream of the wedding and continues the construction of his large house backed by the pretty Provencal hills. Although his experiences in love is in the meadow have not been conclusive, the farmer keeps hope and faith on the show and hope this time find the one that will end the loneliness that weighs it and will allow him to realize his dreams. " you have a lot of light TV to make a lot of noise or let the light everywhere in the house to pretend that there are people ... in the end you are always alone ", entrusted the winemaker who has a lot of love and tenderness to give.

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