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Entertainment: 'Mickey: The Story of a Mouse' Film Review: Disney Doc Explores Character, Icon, Ubiquitous Mascot

Disney’s Florida Dilemma Shows New Perils For Corporations In Political Giving

  Disney’s Florida Dilemma Shows New Perils For Corporations In Political Giving Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s announcement that the company will pause political donations in Florida, amid the uproar over the company’s past support for politicians who backed the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill, underscored the shifting position for corporate campaign contributions. Where corporate political action committees faced relatively little scrutiny, save from public interest groups and campaign finance journalists, now they are political flashpoints — not just for large segments of their customer base but for rank-and-file employees.

It is easy, perhaps, to take Mickey Mouse for granted, both as an icon and a character. His image, as Disney parks fans will tell you, is everywhere: on the sides of buildings, in nooks and crannies, on t-shirts, in flower beds, up in the clouds.

Mickey the Story of a Mouse © Provided by TheWrap Mickey the Story of a Mouse

Though omnipresent, Mickey has had a rich, tumultuous journey, on and off screen, and Jeff Malmberg's new documentary "Mickey: The Story of a Mouse" takes viewers on a winding road through Mickey's almost 100-year-old journey.

In 1928, a pioneering little critter manned a river steamboat in a charming little animated musical titled "Steamboat Willie" — the first of its kind to be set to sound. He was industrious, charming and whimsical, without being conniving, precocious or silly. This was Mickey Mouse, who'd been previously introduced in a short called "Plane Crazy," under the production of the Walt Disney Company, animated by Disney himself and Ub Iwerks.

Another Disney Employee Group Slams Company Response to 'Don't Say Gay' Bill: 'As Toothless as We Feared'

  Another Disney Employee Group Slams Company Response to 'Don't Say Gay' Bill: 'As Toothless as We Feared' LGBTQ+ members of Disney's DMED team — or Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution — have joined their colleagues from Pixar in writing an internal letter saying that company leadership's "lack of action" in response to the "Don't Say Gay" bill suggests Disney's commitment to diversity "may be as toothless as we feared it would be." The DMED team on Wednesday sent its statement to Disney leadership (as shared in full on Instagram by an employee) in response to CEO Bob Chapek's first official comments condemning the "Don't Say Gay" bill that has now passed the Florida legislature.

Malmberg ("Marwencol") punctuates his documentary with the creation of a new Mickey short, spearheaded by animators Eric Goldberg, Mark Henn and Randy Haycock. The minute-long short features Mickey walking down a hallway, reminiscing about posters of shorts from his past, before he's sucked into a vortex and transformed into all the various iterations of himself. It's a convenient framing device, and Goldberg, adorned with colorful Mickey-patterned button-ups, is a cheerful guide to the iconic creature. His enthusiasm for the project, as well as the remarkable history of Mickey, is infectious.

"Mickey" presents Mickey as an allegory for his creator, Walt Disney, and as a stand-in for the "average American." He (Mickey or Walt, take your pick) began as an enterprising and eager figure from the humble Midwest, acting the role of scrappy businessman and inventor, father and friend. Disney's first character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, was taken from him, which allowed Mickey to act as a type of redemptive venture: the little mouse that could.

Disney Apologizes for Texas Cheer Team's Offensive 'Scalp 'Em' Routine at Disney World

  Disney Apologizes for Texas Cheer Team's Offensive 'Scalp 'Em' Routine at Disney World Walt Disney World has apologized for allowing a routine performed by the "Indianettes" cheer team that included the chant "scalp 'em Indian, scalp' em," at the Florida theme park earlier this week. Video shared to Twitter by Tara Houska, an Ojibwe tribal attorney and former advisor to Sen. Bernie Sanders, shows the the Port Neches-Groves high school team dressed in fringed outfits as they march down Main Street. They would also have been wearing headdresses -- which can be seen in this performance from 2020 -- except they were asked to remove them before their performance, Forbes reports.

Video: Improbable shelter dog hero immortalized in movie (Associated Press)

The film explores the progression of Mickey's animation — from a simplistic concoction of circles to something more fluid and complex — and character over the course of his first 50 years. Through the Depression, Mickey becomes more resourceful and generous. Rebecca Cline of the Walt Disney archives suggests that Mickey had a more material effect besides keeping up morale: "There were a couple of companies on the verge of bankruptcy, and Mickey Mouse saved them from disappearing."

In the 1940s, Mickey went to war. After that, he moved to the suburbs. Through archivists, researchers, artists and a handful of unnamed Mickey fans, we learn how Mickey stood for America, its ups and downs, its business spirit. The evolution of the little mouse who could glosses over the domination of Disney as a corporation, the gluttony of its toy manufacturing, and the growing emptiness of Mickey. Perhaps Mickey is such an endearing piece of iconography, in part, because he's a blank slate. He is amenable and open to change with the times, the quintessential bootstrap-yanking young man.

Mickey Rourke Trends After Appearing on Newsmax, Fox News to Talk Russia-Ukraine War (Video)

  Mickey Rourke Trends After Appearing on Newsmax, Fox News to Talk Russia-Ukraine War (Video) Actor Mickey Rourke began trending on Twitter Saturday when, in a pair of interviews for both Newsmax and Fox News Digital, he was an unusual choice to weigh in on the fraught situation in Ukraine. Rourke on Friday appeared on Newsmax to speak with "America Right Now" host Tom Basile, and he explained why he thinks faith in a higher power will be the only thing that will end Russia's aggression of Ukraine. "I don't really believe this thing can be settled diplomatically myself. Putin is very -- he wants what he wants. Ukraine is fighting harder than anyone expected them to fight," Rourke said. "The Ukrainians are putting up such a hard fight.

Malmberg's documentary is quick to gloss over rough patches in both Mickey and Disney's shared histories. In lieu of touching on Walt Disney's history of anti-Semitism, Malmberg instead shows drawings of Mickey from Polish concentration camps during the Holocaust, as well as pages from the French artist Horst Rosenthal's comic "Mickey au Camp de Gurs" ("Mickey Mouse in the Gurs Internment Camp"), a 15-page booklet that shows Mickey in the camps alongside other Jewish prisoners under threat of being Jewish himself. The piece ends with Mickey deciding not to be Jewish, redrawing himself as escaping the camp, and walking back to America. In the documentary, this is framed as "Mickey disappears." (Horst, on the other hand, was executed.)

Though "Mickey" is not interested in the redemption (or renewal) of Walt Disney, neither does it suggest that Mickey himself needs any type of rehabilitation. He is a character who tries; he is always trying, and when he fails, he does so in the spirit of trying. In 1989, Disney threatened litigation toward three day-care centers in Hallandale, Florida, whose outer walls had been painted with larger-than-life murals of Mickey and friends. To the disappointment of the children at the centers, the copyrighted cartoons were removed. "[I]t's totally ludicrous," Erika Scotti, one of the centers's directors, said at the time. "I'd rather have everyone's energy going to […] a new curriculum."

March Madness 2022 live updates: Elite Eight continues for men, starts for women

  March Madness 2022 live updates: Elite Eight continues for men, starts for women The Final Four field is almost set, and the tournaments have been nothing shy of madness. It all starts up again Sunday afternoon.Mike Krzyzewski will take his team to the Final Four in his final season with Duke after a win over No. 4 Arkansas. No. 2 Villanova will join Duke after hanging on against No. 5 Houston on Saturday.

This incident is framed a bit differently by the Disney archivists. "I wouldn't say that we've handled every situation perfectly, but there's really no precedent for a creation like this when it comes to copyright. Mickey's one of the most popular characters in the world, and there's really no question we've had to learn as we go," Cline explains. It's a non-apology, a rare acknowledgment that Disney has misstepped. But these are the issues that arise when a character belongs to both everyone and a profit-centered conglomerate. If Mickey is really a creature of the people, why is Disney allowed to deny anyone use of his image?

In the end, we get a glimpse at the short in progress, the century of Mickey whirling through time. It's a charming if not simple cartoon, lacking in personality as it doesn't linger long enough on one Mickey to indulge the viewer. But of course, for one looking for more of Disney's iconic mouse, "Mickey" argues that all you have to do is look out your window, and sooner or later, there he'll be.

"Mickey: The Story of a Mouse" will premiere on Disney+ later in 2022.

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