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Entertainment: Several American ministers and elected Positive COVID tested after a gala dinner

Stéphane Bern: That day when he spoke "diet" with Rania de Jordan

 Stéphane Bern: That day when he spoke © Patrick Roncen / Bestimage Stéphane Bern: That day he spoke "diet" with Rania from Jordan on the occasion of the diffusion of Victories of classical music, this Wednesday, March 9th on France 3, Gala offers to know more about the animator Stéphane Bern and on this amazing exchange he has had with Rania de Jordan. this Wednesday, March 9, Stéphane Bern anime the 29th ceremony of the classical music , broadcast on France 3.

  Plusieurs ministres et élus américains testés positifs au Covid après un dîner de gala © Copyright 2022, Obs

COVID-19 made an appearance noticed at one of the most prestigious American capital dinners this weekend , many elected officials, ministers and journalists who were there on Wednesday, April 6th, their positive tests.

A few hours apart, the American Minister of Justice Merrick Garland and the secretary of trade Gina Raimondo have both announced to be positive at COVID. The two ministers of Joe Biden Cabinet participated Saturday at the annual Gridiron Club dinner, used for the Washington politico-media elite to engage in a large self-government exercise.

The influentially elected Democrat Adam Schiff, also present at this great raout, announced Tuesday having tested positive at COVID.

Ernst August of Hannover: Hostilities resume with his eldest son

 Ernst August of Hannover: Hostilities resume with his eldest son hatred inheritance. In litigation for three years, Ernst August de Hanover and his eldest son confronted again about the family castle of Marienburg in German justice, since March 24, 2022. The time has not appeased the tensions. On the contrary ... The lull will have been temporary.

Kamala Harris Case contact

Joe Biden, president soon octogenarian, did not go to this dinner and is not considered a contact case. The tenant of the White House, who participated in the last days at several events in attic rooms, where very few guests wore the mask, received on Monday a negative test, said the presidency.

In the United States, a new great depression? The Angus Deaton

response The Democratic leader recently received 4th Dose of Vovid Vaccine .

His Vice President Kamala Harris, however, is a contact case, his director of the Jamal Simmons communication has been tested positive. Kamala Harris "will follow the recommendations of the health authorities" and "will maintain its public events," said his spokesperson.

Excluded - Frédéric Mitterrand Terrassed by the Covid-19: "I brought the death" .
© Stephane Lemouton / Bestimage Excluded - Frédéric Mitterrand Terrassed by Covid-19: "I brought the death" Frédéric Mitterrand confides exclusively in an interview to discover in the new newsstand gala number on Thursday, April 14th. In particular, there is its severe Covid. During his convalescence, he was able to count on the support of his sons. Frédéric Mitterrand received Gala at home to talk about his new book 1938 the eye of the cyclone, published by Xo editions.

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