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Entertainment: Microsoft: Windows AutoPatch comes

new features for the Microsoft Surface App

 new features for the Microsoft Surface App © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Surface App Title Image The Surface App for Windows 10, with which device-specific settings can be made and with which you can also query the warranty status and further information, has received an update with new features. It's been a few days ago, but it has noticed me only today, since I have a desire to neglect the Surface Laptop Studio this week. version 61.2037.139.0 brings the following innovations according to Changelog: All devices connected to the Micro

Windows 11 (Bild: Microsoft) © Default_Credit Windows 11 (Image: Microsoft) Microsoft introduces an automatic Windows and Office software update service for its corporate customers to replace the patch tuesday.

Microsoft provides Windows AutoPatch for its business customers with E3 and upwards. Windows AutoPatch will be launched in July 2022, Microsoft in an FAQ . The managed service will provide Windows 10 and Windows 11 quality and function updates for drivers, firmware and Microsoft 365 applications such as teams, Word, Outlook, and Excel.

companies have not accepted Windows 11 due to Microsoft's security-oriented minimum requirements for the hardware as quickly as required by Redmond, but the software line relies on the fact that most companies will update their hardware up to the end of Windows 10 support in October 2025.

Windows 11 Insider version: Folder in the Start menu may be names again

 Windows 11 Insider version: Folder in the Start menu may be names again © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Windows Insider Title Image In the current insider version, Microsoft returns a function again, for which no time was in the publication of Windows 11 in Schweinsgalopp no ​​time: folder in the start menu may now have a name again. In the currently productive version of Windows 11, there is no folder function in the rudimentary start menu, this has been installed back to the insider versions a few weeks ago.

The AutoPatch service is bound to the patch Tuesday and should help IT professionals to do more for less money, says in a blog post. "This service keeps the Windows and Office software up to the registered devices automatically and without additional costs up to date. IT administrators can win time and resources to increase value creation. The second Tuesday of each month will be 'only another Tuesday', "Microsoft.

It was never as important as today, to ensure that the software is up to date. Hackers and ransomware urgently need to activate multi-factor authentication.

"The safety precautions must be cured with the appearance of new threats. Hardware and software innovations improve user-friendliness and productivity. Companies must react continuously to remain competitive, improve protection and to optimize performance, "Microsoft.

Windows 10: Maintenance update for versions 20h2, 21h1 and 21h2 with Bugfixes and Search Highlights

 Windows 10: Maintenance update for versions 20h2, 21h1 and 21h2 with Bugfixes and Search Highlights © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Windows 10 Logo Title Image for Windows 10 is a new cumulative maintenance update available. It contains various bug fixes as well as the new "search highlights". The installation of the update is optional. The update with KB number KB5011543 and increases the OS build to 19044.1620, containing around 20 troubleshooting.

The speed of change has led to vulnerabilities, which, according to Microsoft, will catch the latecomer on the wrong foot.

"A security gap is created when quality updates that protect against new threats are not accepted in time. A productivity gap is created when function updates that improve the possibilities of users for creating and collaboration can not be rolled out. The greater the gaps, the more effort is needed to catch up to the residue, "Microsoft.

For Windows AutoPatch to work, customers must have Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and Microsoft's Intune Service for managing mobile devices and use supported versions of Windows 10 and 11.

Microsoft points out that AutoPatch does not require specific hardware, but the hardware requirements for Windows 11 continue to apply.

The company will first roll out updates to a small group of devices before it extends them to other devices. The approach sounds like the stepwise roll out of Windows 10 based on Microsoft's machine learning analysis of hardware and drivers. However, administrators can pause autoupdates when they encounter problems and reset versions as needed.

"The result is that the registered devices are always up-to-date and the interruption of the business operations is minimized, which relieves the IT department of this constant task," says.

The service does not support Windows Server OS and Windows Multi-Session. Some non-Microsoft drivers are supported by the service. Drivers, which are released for "Automatic", are provided via the service, but not "manual" drivers that are "manually". All Surface devices are powered by the driver updates service.

Microsoft also explains that Windows AutoPatch differs from Windows Update for Business because it is a managed service to take care of Microsoft.

Windows 11: New keyboard shortcut for the Task Manager .
© Provided by Dr. Windows Windows 11 Task Manager Title Image On Wednesday, Microsoft has published a new insider version of Windows 11 in which no significant innovations. Very far below, so to speak "buried" in the Changelog, but there is an interesting innovation in the Task Manager, about which those users are looking forward to work with keyboard shortcuts. In Task Mangers, two frequently used actions can now be called by key combination.

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