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Entertainment: 'The View': Sunny Hostin Says Her Family 'Explored' Suing Trump Administration for COVID Deaths (Video)

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In January of last year, "The View" host Sunny Hostin revealed that both of her in-laws died from COVID. And on Thursday, the host says she and her family have seriously considered legal action against the Trump administration because of it.

During the morning's Hot Topics discussion, the panel of women discussed how a recent interview Dr. Anthony Fauci did with Chris Wallace, in which he noted that it was "painful" trying to spread truthful COVID information while Trump was president. The hosts of "The View" argued that Fauci he became a "scapegoat."

Guest host and ex-Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham also admitted that she was actively prevented from handling official White House communications on COVID at one point.

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"I actually had a problem putting some of the information out, and when I raised those concerns, all messaging, if you can imagine this, all messaging about COVID got taken away from me, the press secretary, me, the director of communications, and the entire West Wing communications team of about 40, and it was transferred to the vice president's team," Grisham revealed.

At that, host Joy Behar questioned whether it'd be possible for citizens to take legal action against the Trump administration, knowing that it was actively trying to spread misinformation based on Grisham's assertion.

"My family has thought about this a lot, especially because Manny's parents died from COVID," Sunny Hostin replied, referring to her husband. "And I blame the Trump administration for that. We've explored it. We've explored it, we've thought about it."

Hostin, who is a lawyer in addition to her job on "The View," did not go into any further detail on whether she and her family are still pursuing the idea or definitively decided against it.

You can watch the full segment from "The View" in the video above.

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