Entertainment: Thursday Politics - Macron / Le Pen, an Ent-Twenty-Tower Tips Reversed

Brigitte Macron, First steps in the presidential campaign

 Brigitte Macron, First steps in the presidential campaign Brigitte Macron is present in the last clip of his husband, candidate for his re-election. This is one of the rare times in the countryside where the first lady appears. © Laurent VU / Pool / Abacapress.com Until then very discreet in the presidential campaign , the first lady enters the dance, at small steps. At 15 days of the first round, Brigitte Macron appears in one of the campaign clips of his husband, president-candidate for his re-election.

Finished The Overloped Campaign, Emmanuel Macron started the floor as soon as the results of the first round immediately immersed in the middle of the French. Opposite, Marine Le Pen prefers to chain the press conferences in search of presidentialization. An inverted style and positioning duel compared to the match of 2017.

  Jeudy Politique - Macron/Le Pen, un entre-deux-tours à fronts renversés © Reuters

this time, nor celebration at the rotunda, nor pause. The lesson of the 2017 between-second-tours has been retained. Emmanuel Macron applies the opposite strategy. Five years ago just after his 24% collected in the first round, his Advisor Ismaël Emelien had theorined the principle of the overhang campaign (with few trips and interventions in the media) in order to "presidize" Emmanuel Macron. An idea beaten in breach after two days by the François Bayrou Grognards and Gérard Collomb: "You can lose if you do not campaign", had warned the two big elected. The candidate had ended up listening to them but his Marine Le Pen opponent had already deployed on the ground marking the spirits and points up to the Whirlpool episode in Amiens where the two candidates will defreate successively in front of the doors of the factory. .

Live - Presidential: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen access the second round

 Live - Presidential: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen access the second round © supplied by Europe 1 according to the first estimates at 8 pm, Emmanuel Macron is in the second round with 28.6% of the votes, in front of Marine Le Pen with 24.4% of the votes. As announced in many polls, Emmanuel Macron is second round of the presidential election with Marine Le Pen . The outgoing president collects 28.6% of the votes according to the first estimates at 8 pm. For its part, the candidate of the national gathering was able to count on 24.4% of the votes of the electoral body.

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video: When Marion Marshal said "Never come back in confrontation with Marine Le Pen" (Dailymotion)

Five years later, the beginning of the campaign takes place on spilled fronts. This time, it was the president-candidate who launched the first-to-body lost in the campaign: in Denain on the lands of his rival, in Alsace Tuesday, Le Havre on Thursday, in Marseille Saturday. A hyper-proximity campaign that allows him to stand up to man, leaves to wipe critical and insults live. "This time, we take your hand on a dynamic turned on with the good Sunday score. Emmanuel Macron goes into contact and corrects the failure of arrogance that is criticized, "said one of the pillars of his campaign. The program of this between-two-tower has been anticipated for about ten days. His team had even envisaged a first trip from Sunday night to night workers. The idea, which had received the green light of the president, was finally abandoned.

Emmanuel Macron wants to "invent something new to gather"

 Emmanuel Macron wants to © Copyright 2022, the Obs Emmanuel Macron called this Sunday, April 10, at the end of the first round of the presidential election, to found "a great movement Unity and action policy "and this beyond" differences ". He also said he was ready to "reach out to everyone who wants to work for France". The viewing of this video is likely to result in a cookies deposit on the part of the operator of the video platform to which you will be directed.

sidewalk campaign vs

press conferences After the campaign at least first round (6 trips and a meeting), Emmanuel Macron had programmed his "big fortnight" on the sidewalks of France. The surprise came from Marine Le Pen. Immersed in small towns (28 trips) before the first round in a campaign voluntarily under the radars that is to say without relief and especially Clash, the national gathering candidate gave the impression of improvising at the beginning of the week . After two "Dicérée" movements at a farmer in Burgundy and Vernon, she opted for press conferences: two in two days, one devoted to foreign policy as the impression of a quest for presidentialization and especially zero taking risk. The daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen wants to avoid the images of French taking it and thus overjolds the calm or the phlegm of the Hyper-prepared candidate.

Athante reversing roles that for the moment seems to benefit from the outgoing. The gap between the two finalists goes up to 53/47 in favor of Emmanuel Macron . The president's strategy choice with this offensive campaign reassures its ministers that very few seem to be worried. Only downside: his moving on pensions (Monday) and his exit very criticized internally on the veil (Tuesday). "You have to be careful not to let go too much. We will not lose the vote pecresse that came upon us from Sunday for the benefit of a hypothetical vote Mélenchon, "rattles a former minister. Five years ago, it was Marine Le Pen who had started between-two-tours by jostling his program by renouncing at the end of the euro. This time, she camps on her project refusing to associate Eric Zemmour and Marion Marshal in her campaign.

manifestations against the extreme right: the police draws tear gas to Paris .
© Sarah Meyssonnier / Reuters a sign indicating "neither the pen nor macron" during a demonstration against the extreme right, racism and fascism Before the second round of the presidential election of 2022, in Paris, France, April 16, 2022. dozens of events are organized this Saturday, April 16, 2022 in Paris and all over France.

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