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Entertainment: Simone Ashley (Bridgeton Chronicle) back in Sex Education? She made her decision

Who is Simone Ashley, the star of season 2 of "Bridgeton's Chronicle"?

 Who is Simone Ashley, the star of season 2 of © Liam Daniel / © Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection to her, Capes, Corsets and Wigs. In the season 2 of the Bridgeton Chronicle, now available on Netflix , Simone Ashley embodies the woman of character who makes Anthony Bridgeton capsize ( Jonathan Bailey ). If the 25-year-old actress holds its greatest role, it is not a beginner. Back on his career. An independent spirit born on March 30, 1995 in Woodstock in Great Britain, Simone Ashley is of Indian origin by his parents.

star of the Bridgeton Chronicle (available since March 25), Simone Ashley became known in another Netflix series: she played Olivia in Sex Education. But will Jonathan Bailey's partner be back in season 4, in addition to his comeback in season 3 of Julia Quinn's adapted show? End of the mystery since it has just announced its decision. So start or return?

La bande-annonce de la saison 2 de La Chronique des Bridgerton : Simone Ashley va-t-elle revenir dans la saison 4 de Sex Education ? © Netflix The trailer of the season 2 of the Bridgeton Chronicle: Simone Ashley Will She come back in Season 4 of Sex Education?

From the output of the season 2 of the chronicle of the Bridgeton , Simone Ashley has more and more fans. Followed by 500,000 people on Instagram before the uploading of episodes, it now has 2.5 million subscribers (not bad in just three weeks!). If it's his role as Kate Sharma who made him discover the most public, the actress is not in his beginnings. She previously played in Broadchurch but also in the three seasons of Sex Education in the role of Olivia.

Bridgerton's Simone Ashley Says She Felt 'Confident' During Sex Scenes with Costar Jonathan Bailey

  Bridgerton's Simone Ashley Says She Felt 'Confident' During Sex Scenes with Costar Jonathan Bailey "I was very excited to be doing these scenes where we can show a dark-skinned woman and her body and to not be so taboo about it," Simone Ashley said of her sex scenes with Bridgerton costar Jonathan Bailey . In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE ahead of the release of the Netflix series' second season, Ashley opened up about her sex scenes with Bailey — and why she felt so "confident" going into them. "I was very confident," said Ashley — who plays Kate Sharma, the love interest of Bailey's Anthony Bridgerton. "I felt very safe. I felt very protected.

Simone Ashley back in Sex Education? The answer

a few weeks ago, Simone Ashley seemed to announce half-word his departure from Sex Education for season 4 (announced by Netflix last September). And this time it's for sure: Kate Sharma's interpreter will not resume his role for new episodes. In an interview given at This Morning (where she has teased a jump in time for the rest of Bridgeton ), the actress confirmed his departure of the series. Asked about a return alongside Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey, Simone Ashley entrusted that "no", she will not be present in the following and that this question is often asked. "I am a Bridgeton girl now," she explained.

If the fans of sex education may be disappointed with this departure, those of the Bridgerton chronicle may have a smile: Simone Ashley has already confirmed that she will come back in the 3 season whose filming begins this summer in England . The one that gave the replica to Jonathan Bailey Alias ​​Anthony Bridgerton also made a blunder giving the name of the central character of this more suite.

The filming of Sex Education Season 4 soon began

as to Sex Education Season 4? We still do not know if Emma Mackey who has just been announced at the casting of Barbie will be back. Asa Butterfield Aka Otis has just announced that the turning of the new episodes has not started but that's soon. "We plan to start soon, that's all I can say," he told DigitalSpy. As for the release date? It's a mystery for the moment.

Star Bridgeton, Will Simone Ashley be in Season 4 Sea Education? His answer without detour .
© Netflix Star Bridgeton, will Simone Ashley be in Season 4 of Sex Education? His answer without detour The actress Simone Ashley will she be in Season 4 of Sex Education on Netflix? That's the question that all the fans of the series arise since she became the star of the Bridgeton Chronicle! barely Season 3 of sex education Last September on Netflix , the streaming platform had announced that the series would come back for a fourth season .

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