Entertainment: Eichner's job advertisement: "Could make fun to succeed Hofmann"

Flicks First Cader in the World Cup Year without BVB Professionals - Weigl and Draxler Return

 Flicks First Cader in the World Cup Year without BVB Professionals - Weigl and Draxler Return In the first international matches 2022, Hansi Flick can expand its star record. In the bid that the national coach announced on Friday, some returnees, a freshman - and no player from Borussia Dortmund. © Imago Images / Hübner His team starts with two test matches to the World Cup year: National coach Hansi Flick.

After 0: 3 of the Karlsruher SC in the Hamburg Volksparkstadion, the participants threw a look into the future - in a future without KSC top gate Philipp Hofmann.

Jubeln in dieser Saison vorerst letztmals gemeinsam: Christian Eicher und Philipp Hofmann. © Imago Images / Eibner Jubilate this season last time: Christian Eicher and Philipp Hofmann.

KSC searches from summer new Goalgetter

The balance of power at the clear 3-0 of HSV over the Karlsruhe guests were quick. The field superiority of the Hamburger followed after 22 minutes of the leadership by Robert Glatzel and after half an hour the numerical superiority. KSC-Routinian Daniel Gordon brought a counterpart from his legs within eleven minutes for the second time and saw the second yellow card.

Rom-coms return with A-list celebs after long drought for the genre

  Rom-coms return with A-list celebs after long drought for the genre Rom-com lovers rejoice: bigger-budget, A-list led romantic comedies are making a comeback this year.On Friday, The Lost City, starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum (with at least a cameo from Brad Pitt) lands in theatres across Canada.

A hard decision, all interviewees agreed after the game. But - Again, there were no two opinions: it was a reasonable decision that was "a sticking point in the game", as KSC captain Jerome Gondorf explained to the microphone of "Sky". "I do not know," Coherent Christian Eichner, "if the Lord Old (referee Patrick Alt, Note d. Red.) Self played football. If someone has played football himself, maybe he has a better flair. But he also added, "You can already give it."

Hofmann Without decisive needlesticks - and yet Speechhema

The due free kick after the mentioned foul MARIO VUSKOVIC transformed directly to the 2-0 lead for the Hamburgers, which did not burn anything anymore. Although Eichner praised the improved appearance of his team after the break, but the Baden could not prevent the third goal of the householders in the lower-mentioned door and took too harmless themselves in front of the opposing gate. Also top garter Hofmann, who already scored 17 ligatures this season, could not set the desired needlesticks and was replaced after 65 minutes.

Many injured: Gladbach receives Mainz

 Many injured: Gladbach receives Mainz Borussia Mönchengladbach must renounce in the Bundesliga duel with the FSV Mainz on various service providers - but may look forward to a full stadium. © Provided by sport1.de Many injured: Gladbach receives Mainz last game on the 28th matchday The Bundesliga: Borussia Mönchengladbach welcomes FSV Mainz. here to the Bundesliga Liveticker: Borussia Mönchengladbach - 1. FSV Mainz 05 at 5.30 pm The Gladbacher must renounce numerous service providers in the home game against FSV on Sunday.

"Basically, we have a clear profile. We know what is necessary to stay in the league. "(Christian Eicher about the requirements for the Hofmann successor)

Nevertheless, Hofmann was a topic of conversation after closing whiff, his farewell from Karlsruhe is already fixed at the end of the season. "Everyone knows my goal," said the 29-year-old with a view to a change to the Bundesliga, but revealed nothing concrete. "I want to focus on the last games and everything will clarify in the next few weeks."

In detail, Eichner, who has to do without Hofmann in the coming game year without Hofmann and whose meaning know: "We lose Pi times thumbs 20 goals a year", according to the coach and explained in terms of a potential successor: "This game type does not exist anymore Often. Basically, we have a clear profile. We know what is necessary to stay in the league. "

"We are guilty of the fans"

"we do not have to do little," Eichner went on. "We have a few exciting things to offer, you can eat warm twice a day. Therefore, I think it could be fun to succeed at KSC in front of the succession of Philipp Hofmann." He also explained, "if we do not find this type, there may be the opportunity to relocate that to two shoulders."

But before, Hofmann can continue to expand its own bottom of 17 ligators in the last four games at KSC. Despite the clear distance to the ascent as well as the descent zone, the final spurt does not want to make the final spurt in front of himself, Routinier Gondorf reaffirmed: "It's still one, two places, which brings the club something and also our account. And the fans are We guilty it too. "

with a victory next Friday (18.30 clock) against Ingolstadt Karlsruhe can make the leaving the league cropable.

3: 0 for a break! Cologne wins Derby in Mönchengladbach .
Cologne has also won the second derby of the season and thus made something for a long time. On Saturday evening, the "Effzeh" in Mönchengladbach already led to the break already with 3: 0 and then left nothing more, Embolo's hits came too late. © imago / Jan Hebner Start according to plan: After five minutes Cologne is likely to cheer for the first time.

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