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Entertainment: 'SNL': Bowen Yang's Easter Bunny and Famous People Parodies Do Current Events Jokes in Cold Open (Video)

'High interest' in Canadiens winger Artturi Lehkonen?

  'High interest' in Canadiens winger Artturi Lehkonen? Lehkonen has spent his entire six-year career with the Canadiens who drafted him in the second round (55th overall) back in 2013.  He scored 18 goals in his rookie season but has failed to reach that mark since then, but he has 13 in 57 games this season.  However, he has become a very valuable defensive winger who plays on both wings and can play up and down the lineup while logging heavy minutes on the penalty kill.  He played that role in Montreal’s playoff run last season while also scoring the series winner against Vegas to send them to the Stanley Cup Final. At $2.

It's Easter weekend and so it is that "SNL" kicked off its latest episode with an Easter-themed cold open. Well, ostensibly, as the Easter theme really just provided a different way for "SNL" to run through a grab bag of celebrity impressions and mildly amusing jokes about recent events without any real point other than "hey, remember this thing that happened?"

SNL Easter Cold Open Sketch © Provided by TheWrap SNL Easter Cold Open Sketch

Also yes, James Austin Johnson's Trump showed up because, we don't know, apparently there is a law that says Trump is the only president "SNL" is allowed to notice anymore? But, Bowen Yang played the Easter Bunny, and he's always great, and Cecily Strong's impression of Marjorie Taylor Greene at least had some teeth, which was fun.

Bruins agree to eight-year extension with defenseman Hampus Lindholm

  Bruins agree to eight-year extension with defenseman Hampus Lindholm After acquiring Hampus Lindholm from the Anaheim Ducks the Bruins have signed the defensemen to a long-term extension. As reported by TSN’s Chris Johnston last night, the extension is for eight years and carries an average annual value of "around" $6.5M. © Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports Defenseman Hampus Lindholm. Lindholm was acquired along with minor league defenseman Kodie Curran in exchange for defensemen John Moore and Urho Vaakanainen, a first-round draft pick, and two second-round draft picks.

So, Yang's Easter Bunny started it off with some jokes about how maybe he's actually at Coachella on drugs, inroduces himself as the "freakiest man-sized bunny with no-backstory" who doesn't use elf slave labor like Santa. Then he says that Easter is "about renewal and rebirth," which is why he invited "people form all walks of life" to detail their hopes for Easter.

Of course, they turned out to not be from "all walks of life," which might have been interesting, just from recent headlines. First up was Kate McKinnon as Anthony Fauci for some jokes about COVID-19.

Next was Cecily Strong as Greene, who had two pretty good jokes at the expense of the extremist right wing politician.

The first was, "I've been saying to my Muslim and Jewish colleagues, 'happy Easter."

Artturi Lehkonen's Avalanche debut delayed by immigration paperwork

  Artturi Lehkonen's Avalanche debut delayed by immigration paperwork The delay is hurting Colorado's hopes of having Lehkonen fully integrated by the time the playoffs start.Avalanche GM Joe Sakic made the deal with the idea that Lehkonen would be able to help the team prepare for the playoffs and find chemistry on his new team as the Avalanche play to secure their playoff spot. Despite those hopes, it is unclear when Lehkonen, who is healthy, will be making his debut with the Avalanche.

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VIP costars! While many human actors get top billing on most TV shows and movie sets, it’s often their four-legged counterparts who end up stealing the show. “Newton is beloved, and I always wanted to include him in this season,” Bridgerton showrunner Chris Van Dusen told Entertainment Weekly in a February 2022 interview about the second season of the Netflix drama. “There’s a little arc for him that audiences can look forward to.” Season 2 of the period series, which debuted in March 2022 on the streaming platform, follows Julia Quinn’s The Viscount Who Loved Me novel and eldest brother Anthony’s journey to find love. As Jonathan Bailey’s Anthony crosses paths with Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley), he also comes toe-to-toe with her faithful canine companion: a corgi named Newton. “I’m really good with dogs, so he responded to me well,” the Sex Education alum told EW that February of the pooch. “He was a little bit sass and goes off and does his own thing, but I like to think when we were together, he listened to me. Whenever we would do a line run and Newton was there, he would just get in the middle of the circle and roll on his back and be like, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ That was quite cute.”     Ashley continued: “One of the buildings we filmed at, there was pebbles on the driveway. I’d have him on the leash and he’d just be eating the stones and pooping out stones in between takes.” Channing Tatum, for his part, worked closely with a Belgian Malinois pup in his directorial debut, Dog. The Step Up actor starred as Army Ranger Briggs who took a long road trip with the military canine to attend his late friend’s memorial service. (The dog, Lulu, was the veteran’s former partner.) “Dogs, especially those kinds of dogs, they’re just so intense,” Tatum said during an appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show in February 2022. “They’re a lot of energy. … We thought it was a simple movie, [just] me and a dog, but at the end of the day, I probably won’t direct again if I’m going to be in the movie. I’m in every frame of the film.” The Alabama native joked to Clarkson that a dog “doesn’t care about the story” but instead prefers eating treats, explaining that he could really only have the pup accomplish one task at a time. Scroll below to learn what it was like for your favorite stars to work with pets on set:

The second came at the end of her appearance when she said "happy Easter and God bless Russia, I mean America."

Next, Chris Redd came out as New York Mayor Eric Adams, playing him as a vaguely sexual harass-y weirdo. But, the joke had teeth when Redd mocked the way the NYPD and Mayor Adams have gloated about catching the Brooklyn subway shooter.

"We got him. We got the shooter. Sure it took 30 hours, and the suspect turned himself in, but we got him. Case closed," Redd joked.

This was followed by Mikey Day as Elon Musk, who joked that he wanted to buy Easter for $43 billion peeps. Next was Chloe Fineman as Britney Spears, followed by Kyle Mooney as "Jesus Christ… just kidding I'm Jared Leto." And finally, Johnson showed up to do his increasingly exhausting Trump impression.

That's about it. And you can watch parts of it Below.

Officiating topics addressed at NHL GM meetings

  Officiating topics addressed at NHL GM meetings The GM meetings resumed for the first time since the pandemic started and kicked off with discussions about officiating.All 32 NHL GMs together in one room. Finally.

But first, real talk: Johnson's impression is quite amazing, we obviously think he has some talent. But it's 2022. Literally, it's 20 – [f-word]ing 22. It's been 13 months since Joe Biden, a guy with many things to make fun of or even just notice exists and is running the country, took office. He's even been in the news for something other than "calling in to Fox News and saying bigoted stuff and lies." And Johnson, who by the way is very talented, could even do the impression.

Yet for some reason, "SNL" still does several-minutes-long *Trump* bits like it's 2017 and we're all still processing the fact that the electoral college exists. Who can say why but if we're being honest, it would be nice to have like, even a month off. Like maybe limit Trump parodies to when he actually does something newly weird, or alarming, or tries to overthrow the election again, or when he inevitably runs in 2024.


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