Entertainment: because of "Cologne 50667" wedding: "Berlin - Day and Night" from the program deleted!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Wedding Witness Recalls 'Emotional' Vows: 'They Cried to Each Other'

  Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Wedding Witness Recalls 'Emotional' Vows: 'They Cried to Each Other' As Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez "were reading each other's vows, they were very sweet," A Little White Wedding Chapel's Kenosha Booth Portis recalledTears were flowing at the intimate weekend nuptials of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

Who "Berlin - Day and Night" does not look at RTL+, switching on at 7.05 p.m. from Monday to Friday. But at the end of July, fans have to prepare to do without news from the capital and the houseboat on Thursday evening, because at RTLZWei, July 28 from 6.05 p.m. is fully in the sign of "Cologne 50667".

BTN: Joe erfährt von Paulas Freilassung © RTLZWEI BTN: Joe learns from Paulas release

The reason: Carolina Noeding and Daniel Peukmann , spectator: Inside "Cologne 50667" better known as the dream couple Jule and Marc, marry live on TV on Mallorca! Last year, the actor made a romantic application for her 30th birthday in front of friends and family during the celebration.

"Cologne 50667" revealed: What happened to Kevin since he left the city

 lovesickness at " Cologne 50667" : Since Sophie Kevin's marriage proposal has rejected and left Cologne, Sophie has been trying to process the separation. But in episode 2412 (on July 25 on TV, already available online) her ex-boyfriend sneaks back into her head. In the morning she receives a package in which there is a framed photo of herself and Kevin. Months ago she commissioned it to give him a birthday.

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Berlin - Day and Night: Does Miguel come back? The best deals of the day on Amazon!* "Berlin - Day & Night": "Joe" actor soon hardly to be seen!? "Cologne 50667" takes over BTN position

and this is how the program for July 28th at RTLZWEI looks ...

The Regular "Cologne 50667" episode is broadcast 6.05 p.m. Afterwards it will continue at 7 p.m. with the Special "from the soap to the altar" . In the announcement, it states that Aleksandra Bechtel and Eric Schroth illuminate how real feelings became of series love. In addition, the wedding couple will give insights behind the scenes of the soap and their relationship.

for Primetime

at 8:15 p.m. follows "The dream wedding of Caro & Daniel" - Live. In addition to the wedding itself, insights into the wedding preparations are also given. from 10:20 p.m. The transmitter then shows a "Cologne 50667" compilation about the most beautiful and dramatic weddings of the series: "In this best-of sequence you can see the dramatic wedding from Marc and Jule, which ends in a bloodbath The supposedly beautiful day in Alex is completely different, because he is left sitting by his great love Mel on the altar. While Kevin and Chantal marry from a schnapps in Paris, "writes RTLZWEI.

The next new "Berlin - Day and Night" episode will come on July 29th.


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