Entertainment: "Bibi & Tina" star Katharina Hirschberg: She is committed to a good cause

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as an actress, she regularly slips into different roles and inspires a wide audience. At just 20 years old, Katharina Hirschberg is one of the most up -and -coming young actors in Germany. In her role as "Bibi Blocksberg" in the movie " Bibi & Tina - simply different", Katharina is bursting with self -confidence and solves any problems thanks to her spells.

Katharina Hirschberg © Getty Images Katharina Hirschberg

In real life, the 20-year-old would have wished for a few magic tricks every now and then, because Katharina Hirschberg had to fight with violent self-doubt. For this reason, according to the "Bild" newspaper, the actress is now specifically committed to her fellow human beings and is committed to offering other like-minded people a support.

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your browser does not support this video in an interview with "Bild" the likeable 20-year-old, who already has around 11,000 followers on Instagram: " Supervisor on a voluntary basis. " Katharina focuses primarily on those who have problems with interpersonal relationships. She

had to go through the emergency herself, as she revealed: "There was a phase in which I had the feeling that I didn't look good enough and the others are totally different from me. That put a lot of stress on me." Katharina Hirschberg: That helped her the most in her darkest hours

what young actress Katharina Hirschberg helped at the time? Countless conversations with her mother, as revealed to the "Bild" newspaper.

The "Bibi Blocksberg" actress , who has lived in Berlin since 2021, would therefore like to pass on all her experiences to the people who are currently needed. A great campaign for which there is no need for witchcraft!

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