Entertainment: "Renaissance": Beyoncé will re -record a song from her latest album, criticized by people with disabilities

Beyonce is in her Renaissance era with 1st studio album in 6 years

  Beyonce is in her Renaissance era with 1st studio album in 6 years Idris Elba promises fans a never-before-seen type of thriller with his heart-pounding new film "The Beast", in which he plays a father protecting his daughters from a rogue lion in Africa.

in a sentence from her title "Heated", the singer uses the term "spaz" ("moron") which can be used for Mocking people with a cerebral infirmity

Beyoncé va réenregistrer son titre « Heated ». © AFP Beyoncé will re -record her title "Heated". Discrimination - In a sentence of her title "Heated", the singer uses the term "spaz" ("moron") which can be used to make fun of people suffering from a cerebral infirmity

queen B praised, already fallen? The American superstar Beyoncé will have to re -record a song by her latest album after strong criticism on social networks aimed at his use of a slang word considered as an insult by people with disabilities .

It is a sentence of the title "Heated" of the album Renaissance released on Friday which sparked the ire of people suffering from motor handicaps: the "queen" Beyoncé sings there "spazzin 'on that ass, spazz on that Ass ”.

Beyoncé reveals "Renaissance": who is Jonny, the gay uncle of the singer she was inspired by her new album?

 Beyoncé reveals This Friday, July 29, Beyoncé released her new album entitled "Renaissance". An opus that would not have seen the light of day without his uncle Jonny, who died several years ago from a fight against HIV, who introduced him to the culture of the club. © Abaca Beyoncé reveals "Renaissance": Who is Jonny, the gay uncle of the singer she was inspired by her new album? Although it leaked on social networks, Friday July 29, the seventh opus of Beyoncé , entitled Renaissance was finally unveiled.

The term "spaz" in English, derived from the adjective "spastic" ("spastic"), can be used to make fun of people with cerebral infirmity and can be associated with the broad sense under "moron" terms , "Disturbed" or "stalled". In the United States , the word "spaz" is infrequent and seems rather to qualify a person deemed "out of control" or who acts in a "erratic" manner.

The artist assures that she did not want to "hurt" anyone

to try to turn on a fire on social networks, Beyoncé will re -record the incriminated song by "replacing" the term "spaz", confirmed to the 'AFP a spokesperson for the artist by ensuring in an email that "the word had not been used intentional to hurt". The title "Heated" was written in collaboration with Canadian rapper Drake .

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Exactly the same story arrived in June to the American singer Lizzo who had to re -record her title "Grrrls" to remove the same term "spaz".

"The effect of a slap"

for Australian activist Hannah Diviney, who was expressed on Twitter, the use of this term by Beyoncé "gives me the effect of a slap, for the community of disabled And for the advances made with Lizzo ”. She promised to "continue to tell the whole music industry to" do better "until" validist "insults disappear from music".

so @Beyonce used the word 'spaz' in her new song heated. Feels like a slap in the face to me, the disabled community & the progress we tried to make with lizzo. Guess i’ll just keep telling the white industry to 'do better' ulitil ableist slars disappear from music ????

- Hannah Diviney (@hannah_diviney) July 30, 2022

Musical event of the summer, Beyoncé released her seventh solo album on Friday. Six years after Lemonade, who became a classic, fans found their "Queen B" in full Renaissance, title of this album of 16 songs intended for a world that starts to party after the Pandemic again.

"Make this album allowed me to dream and escape for a frightening period for the world. It allowed me to feel free and adventurous at a time when few things were moving, "said Beyoncé, almost 41 years old, to her 270 million subscribers on Instagram.

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