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Entertainment: RBB intendant resigned: Patricia Schlesinger has resigned as RBB director in the face of numerous allegations. The Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg Rundfunk (RBB) will advise on Monday in a special meeting, as should continue in the public service broadcaster

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Patricia Schlesinger, Intendantin des Rundfunks Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB), steht nach der Rundfunkratssitzung des RBB vor den Fotografen. © Paul Zinken/dpa/Archive picture Patricia Schlesinger, director of the Berlin-Brandenburg Radio (RBB), stands in front of the photographers after the RBB's round of the RBB. Schlesinger has been the director of the RBB since 2016, who is one of the smaller institutions in the ARD station network. Her second term started last year and actually took five years to 2026.

The German Journalist Association called for a “convincing new beginning” at the head of the ARD station in a reaction to Schlesinger's resignation. When searching for a successor, it is important to find a professionally competent and absolutely integrical management figure.

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Schlesinger said to her resignation on Sunday in the message: Your responsibility applies to the RBB and its employees. “The focus is no longer the journalistic and journalistic performance of the station, but it is only about possible and alleged misconduct by the director. I very much regret that and I apologize to the RBB employees for this development. »

from politics had previously existed as a RBB boss. The RBB staff council expressed its displeasure on the course of the Enlightenment on the intranet. In addition, new details about the allegations came up in several media reports on Sunday. On Monday, the broadcasting council wants to meet for a special meeting. This had already been announced before the resignation. The head of the RBB is now taken over by the deputy director Hagen Fire offenders.

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The broadcaster had rejected the allegations of the past few weeks. In the announcement on Sunday, she spoke of “personal accusations and defamation”. It is the presumption of innocence. A whistleblower system was also set up on the station for the external examination. However, results are only expected in a few weeks.

at the end of June “Business Insider” got the whole thing rolling. The previously unexplained allegations range from questionable consultant contracts to a RBB construction project, which has now been set on ice, a large salary increase for Schlesinger to a good 300,000 euros up to an additional, previously unknown bonus system. In addition, it is about alleged food with “multipliers” at RBB costs in your private apartment and a luxurious company car with massage seats for which there is said to have been a very high discount.

«Business Insider», «Bild» and «B.Z.» reported on further details on Sunday. The reports were about a list of participants who were said to have been at the meetings in Schlesinger's private apartment, and a menu sequence. In addition, it was again alleged billing changes to the food. “BILD” also brought an estimated sum of more than 650,000 euros to convert the executive floor in the RBB for the ARD chair. The money is said to have been spent on a massage chair and expensive furniture.

Evidence of RBB destroyed? According to internal notes, data is said to have been deleted in the Justizariat - the responsible director argues from .
© Picture Alliance/dpa | Carsten Koall The RBB radio house in Berlin. The affair at Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) continues to come to a head. According to information from Business Insider, sensitive data from legal management are said to have been deleted in recent weeks. Corresponding information therefore received external lawyers that are currently reviewing all allegations against ex-director Patricia Schlesinger and the management of the public broadcaster.

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