Entertainment: The Russian Dvorkovitch renewed at the head of the International Chess Federation, a "victory" for Moscow

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Le président de la Fédération internationale des échecs, Arkady Dvorkovitch, ici en octobre 2016. © Pool/AFP/Archivos The President of the International Federation of Chess, Arkady Dvorkovitch, here in October 2016.

The result fell on Sunday August 7: Arkadi Dvorkovitch is renewed for four years at the head of the International Chess Federation. A scent of controversy had however touched the felted world of failures around its candidacy. Because Arkadi Dvorkovitch is Russian, and a former high ranking of the regime, and won against a Ukrainian.

With our correspondent in Moscow, Julian Colling

until the end, his main competitor will have tried everything, repeating that having a Russian official at the head of the Fide was "untenable" in the current . The young Grand Master Ukrainian Andrii Barshpoletes even accused Arcadi Dvorkovitch of being partly "responsible for what is happening in Ukraine", because of his links with Russian power.

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In vain: it is indeed the former Deputy Prime Minister of Vladimir Putin between 2012 and 2018 which was largely re-elected on Sunday, by 157 votes against 16.

economist seen as a liberal trend in Russia, former close to Dmitri Medvedev, Dvorkovitch, 50, had himself distanced himself with the Russian intervention. Last March he testified to his support "to Ukrainian civilians", and even indirectly denounced Putin's decision.

Staying close to system

An immediately sanctioned freedom: Dvorkovitch was illico dismissed from his functions as president of Skolkovo, the Russian Silicon Valley, after being taxed by "traitor" by a deputy among the hard of the system. The technocrat had then had to show white leg, notably by criticizing the supposed "Nazism" present in Ukraine.

This August 7, the spokesperson for the Kremlin Dmitri Peskov spoke thus an indisputable "Russian victory" in this re-election. So here is Dvorkovitch entering the rank. Proof that in Russia, it is very difficult for an official to distance himself from the system.

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