Entertainment: Meghan Markle, a "narcissistic sociopath": languages ​​are delighted with its former employees

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  20 facts you might not know about 'The Avengers' In a bombshell new interview with 'The Cut', Meghan Markle reveals new details about her time in the U.K., whether or not she can forgive members of the Royal family and the status of Prince Harry's relationship with his father, Prince Charles.

Meghan Markle, une © Agency / Bestimage Meghan Markle, a "narcissistic sociopath": languages ​​are delighted with its former employees The great unpacking continues by Meghan Markle since the announcement of the publication of the explosive book by journalist Valentine Low. The Daily Mail publishes new extracts where languages ​​are delighted with its ex-employees ...

The controversy has not finished swelling on the "odious" behavior that would have had Meghan Markle regard for his former employees at the Palais de Kensington. This Sunday, September 25, the Daily Mail publishes new extracts from brokers: The Hidden Power Behind The Crown from Valentine Low, whose release is scheduled for October 6.

Doria Ragland: How did she meet Meghan Markle's father?

 Doria Ragland: How did she meet Meghan Markle's father? Your Browser DOES Not support this video This Friday, September 2, Doria Ragland celebrates its 62nd anniversary. Known to play a decisive role with his daughter Meghan Markle, as well as his son -in -law Harry, we know little of his sentimental life. Besides, when does his meeting go back to Thomas Markle? Doria Ragland is a woman who could be described as a complex.

In the dependent book, former assistants of the wife of the Prince Harry , who calls themselves " The club of the Sussex survivors", qualify Meghan Markle as " narcissistic sociopath. " " Tyrannique "," odious "," nasty ", the former American actress would have made a large number of employees cry. "Everyone knew that the institution would be judged on his happiness. The error they made was to think that she wanted to be happy ," said a former staff member. And to continue: " she wanted to be rejected , because she was obsessed with this story from the first day." The employees then felt manipulated .

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Meghan Markle has always denied these allegations

This Saturday, the British newspaper already unveiled the Testimony of Samantha Cohen , their former private secretary . The latter told how she was pushed to the end by the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex . "Nothing she was doing was good enough for the couple," writes Valentine Low in her work. And to continue: "Sam (Cohen) always said that she had the impression of working for two teenagers . They were unbearable and pushed her to the end. She was in a lamentable state."

These languages were invented from scratch

  These languages were invented from scratch Conlangs, short for “constructed languages,” are languages that have been invented, as opposed to natural languages produced by social consensus passed down over centuries. Whether developed as a code used solely by a minority, as a would-be universal language, or like in the majority of cases, as part of a fictional story, a new system of expression (and the conlanger) can draw inspiration from several sources. Here are 20 languages that have been created from scratch.

Acknowledged several times of moral harassment on his employees of the Kensington Palace, Meghan Markle has always denied these allegations. Our English colleagues also recall that his lawyers had denied, in 2021, the fact that Samantha Cohen suffered intimidation, saying, on the contrary, that the couple has always been recognizing with her for her support and dedication .

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