Entertainment: Ryan Grantham, this actor of "riverdale" sentenced to life prison for having killed his mother

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he confused fiction and reality. In The fictitious series Riverdale, actor Ryan Grantham embodies the character of Jeffery Augustine, who kills Fred Andrews, the father of one of the main characters, Archie Andrews. In real life, Ryan Grantham has just been sentenced to life prison for having murdered his mother in 2020, explains Deadline .

Riverdale Ryan Grantham dans la série Riverdale . Capture d'écran Youtube © supplied by Vanity Fair Riverdale Ryan Grantham in the Riverdale series. Screenshot YouTube

His judgment for murder was rendered on September 21 by the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada). His sentence was not really a surprise. The attention was rather paid to the number of years it will have to serve before it can be a request for parole . Prosecutors had requested 18 years, his lawyers 12 and finally justice decided for 14 years.

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Balle in the head and filmed corpse

The 24-year-old young man went to the police station after shooting a bullet at the back of his mother's head, Barbara Waite , 64 years old. The facts took place on March 31, 2020, in their family home in the city of Squamish, north of Vancouver. Once the murder is committed, the actor had filmed the body of his geniror all by confessing facing the camera. The next day, he had taken the road with the idea of ​​killing the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau , as he wrote in his diary. He also thought he was committing a mass killing at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver or on the iconic Lions Gate Bridge. Finally, he went to see police to proclaim calm and hard: "I killed my mother".

In detention for already two and a half years, Ryan Grantham participates in a program to help him treat his mental health, which would allow him to be transferred to another structure. Last March, he expressed himself on his acts against the court of Vancouver: "Faced with such horrible crimes, apologizing seems to be useless. But from the bottom of my being, I'm sorry. »

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