Entertainment: fatal attack at private school in Kabul

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in a bomb attack on a private school in the Afghan capital Kabul were killed. 27 others were injured at the explosion on Friday morning, as a police spokesman said. According to the affected Kaaj Higher Educational Center, the students prepared for the entrance exam at the university. The attack occurred in the Dashte Barchi district, which is mostly inhabited by the Shiite minority of the Hazara.

Ein schockierter Taliban-Kämpfer in Kabul (Archivbild). Erst vergangenen Freitag ereignete sich in der afghanischen Hauptstadt ein Anschlag. © Ebrahim Noroozi/AP/dpa A shocked Taliban fighter in Kabul (archive picture). It was only last Friday that an attack occurred in the Afghan capital.

, according to an employee, had killed two guards at the entrance before giving access to a classroom and blew up there. He is also said to have shot students. Many girls should be among the victims.

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Number of victims could be far higher

Photos on social media showed how people brew injuries with their bare hands. The number of victims could be far higher than initially stated by the Taliban: two hospitals in the vicinity reported to the German Press Agency alone that a total of 42 injuries were taken. An eyewitness said local media that around 400 students were in the hall. A video on social media showed the students before the attack: there the numerous boys and girls promise to advance their company together, contrary to all the hurdles.

Since their takeover of power, which followed the chaotic withdrawal of the NATO troops in August 2021, the Taliban girls' schools have closed from the seventh grade. Some girls can therefore only complete the school at private schools and then attend the university. So far, the militant Islamist Taliban have not been going on against these facilities. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid condemned the attack and announced that they are against those responsible.

Nobody has yet known about the incident. Since the Taliban took over the power, attacks on civilians have mainly assumed the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS). The Shiite Hazara in particular is always victims of violence.

Canadian officials have met with Taliban more than a dozen times since Kabul fell: documents .
Canadian government officials have met with representatives of the Taliban on at least thirteen occasions in Qatar since it swept to power in Afghanistan in August 2021, documents obtained by CBC News reveal. The documents, obtained through access to information law, show David Sproule, Canada's senior official for Afghanistan, has been — along with various Global Affairs Canada (GAC) officials and representatives of allied countries — pressing the Taliban for commitments on extending the right to an education to women, fighting terrorism and granting safe passage to Afghans who want to leave the country.

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