Entertainment: Rita Ora after her secret wedding: "I'm in love, very in love!"

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London - That Megastar Rita Ora (31) and Hollywood director Taika Waititi (47) married in the very small circle two months ago, was long since an open secret among insiders. But over the happiness of love together, the couple always spread the coat of silence - until now.

Sängerin Rita Ora (31) schwebt auf Wolke sieben! © provided by Tag24 singer Rita Ora (31) hovers on cloud seven!

The engagement last year: secret . Common appearances: rare. The wedding: unconfirmed!

No question, Rita Ora (31) does not like to see it when her private life focuses on the public.

Now the British singer ("Let you love me") surprised many with an unusually open insight into her relationship with Hollywood size Taika Waitii (47, "Thor: Love and Thunder").

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in the podcast " Jaime Winstone's Greatest Night Ever " Rita Ora could no longer hide her luck and got into rave. "I'm in love, very in love", revealed the 31-year-old. "I love Taika," she added. "Greetings to Taika."

and on: "I always believed it so much" that it was like in a fairy tale. Her relationship is exactly the way she dreamed of as a child and how her parents have exemplified. Because they have been together for over 30 years, says the pop star.

A role model that she would like to follow: "I was always concerned with love to find a partner and all of that," she says. "I'm so happy that I did it. I love love!"

Rita Ora (31) und Taika Waititi (47) bei einem Red-Carpet-Event im März diesen Jahres. © provided by Tag24 Rita Ora (31) and Taika Waititi (47) at a Red Carpet event in March this year. Rita Ora treats herself a little break

on the big stage she gives everything

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Taika Waitii and Rita Ora have been a couple

since April 2021, the 31-year-old also emphasizes: It was her sole decision, neither her partner nor yours Parents or friends would have put them under pressure.

has been known since April that the singer and the New Zealand director are a couple. Before that, it was speculated for a long time.

finally turned directly to her Instagram followers and shared a picture that both showed in an intimate hug. "Good times, memories and random things from my phone and those I love ...", she wrote at the time.

In June of this year, Rita Ora was then spotted with a engagement ring. A few weeks later, the secret wedding followed, as an insider revealed to magazine People . Since then the couple has lived in an unknown place.

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