Entertainment: Windows 11 22H2: Microsoft confirms problems with remote desktop

unpacked and screwed on: Microsoft's ARM-PC has arrived

 unpacked and screwed on: Microsoft's ARM-PC has arrived © provided by Dr. Windows Windows Software Development Kit 2023 This week Microsoft has launched its ARM Mini-PC under the name "Windows Software Development Kit 2023". The official target group are therefore developers, which will not prevent me from using the device misused. I immediately ordered it and will use it for my daily work in the coming days (and maybe longer?).

windows10-remotedesktop-app_800 © provided by Silicon Windows10 remotedesktop app_800 You appear when using the remote desktop connect broker. The remote desktop app may freeze and can only be ended via the task manager. Microsoft is already working on an update.

Microsoft has confirmed that the 2022-update for Windows 11 can cause problems with the remote desktop app. According to a new entry in the Release Health Dashboard , the app may freeze to a remote computer when building a remote desktop connection.

The error only occurs if a connection is established via a remote desktop gateway or a remote desktop Connection Broker. Microsoft gave a remote desktop service collection as an examples of such a scenario as well as connections via remoteapp and desktop. Home users are probably not affected because this procedure is not used by the Windows Remote Desktop app from the factory.

browser and operating systems in October 2022: Windows 11 makes a big leap forward

 browser and operating systems in October 2022: Windows 11 makes a big leap forward © provided by Dr. Windows Statistics Cover is this the effect of Windows 11 2022 Update? In October, Windows 11 was able to significantly significantly increase its share and for the first time came over the 15 percent mark. As usual, the numbers should be enjoyed with caution, official information about the spread of Windows 11 and the other Windows versions does not move out Microsoft.

“This problem can occur if the client goes through the steps 'loading the virtual machine' or 'configure the remote connection', and can occur regardless of the operating system version installed on the remote computer,” said Microsoft. “In some cases, the error message 'Your remote desktopic service session has been displayed'. If the application no longer reacts, it may have to be ended with the Windows Task Manager.

should freeze the remote desktop application, according to Microsoft, the MSTSC.EXE process must be ended via the Task Manager. A special group directive then provides a remedy. However, Microsoft points out that the workaround in WAN connections can lead to poor performance of the app. In addition, the UDP protocol is deactivated for all remote desktop connections. Instructions for creating the group directive can be found in the entry in the release Health Dashboard. According to

Microsoft, an update is already in the works. The company did not name a schedule for its publication.

impaired game performance under Windows 11 22H2: update lock loosened, still little information .
© provided by Dr. Windows Windows 11 Logo cover picture Around two weeks ago Microsoft confirmed that Windows 11 2022 Update (version 22H2) can impair performance in games. An update lock has been set up, which has now been loosened in order to only protect the "actually affected systems". This updated message can be found in the Windows Release Health Dashboard (via ComputerBase ). However, the new information is still not very revealing or donated additional confusion.

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