Entertainment: Jonnie Irwin: "Broke my heart"-terminally ill TV moderator makes bosses

grew up very big: Til Schweiger's children today see from

 grew up very big: Til Schweiger's children today see from unusual cancellation in the late program of the ZDF: For the first time in general, the talk show with Markus Lanz was completely canceled - followed after 1729. Guest should be Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens). The broadcast on Wednesday evening was prepared, many uncomfortable questions about the gas price brake, Zoff in the coalition about China business and relief for inflation-plagued citizens could have brought the minister in explanation.

moderator Jonnie Irwin (48) is no stranger to British television. For many years he presented the popular TV format "A Place in the Sun". In 2020, he complained of dizziness and perception disorders during his shooting in Italy. Then came the shocking message that he had lung cancer in the final stage. The cancer had even spread to its brain at the time. A devastating diagnosis for the father of three small children .

Jonnie Irwin - “Brach mein Herz”: Todkranker TV-Moderator macht Bossen schwere Vorwürfe © Instagram / Jonnieirwintv Jonnie Irwin-“Break my heart”: terminally ill TV presenter makes serious allegations terminally ill TV moderator Jonnie Irwin feels abandoned by his ex-boss

Now the terminally ill, who according to his own Information has to live for about six months, announced in an interview that at the time he received no support from the creators of his TV show. On the contrary: when he told them about the diagnosis, they would have simply dropped him and did not extend his contract. "My heart broke that," said Jonnie Irwin, who had recently gone to the public with his sad fate.

Riverboat: He moderates next to Kim Fisher on Friday!

 Riverboat: He moderates next to Kim Fisher on Friday! Berlin/Leipzig - High visit can be found on Friday in the " Riverboat " not only on the guest places, but also at the moderator duo around Kim Fisher (53). © provided by Tag24 "Riverboat" presenter Kim Fisher (53) can look forward to a guest moderator with a cult factor on Friday. After Star author Sebastian Fitzek (51) left the Berlin edition of the talk show at the end of August to devote himself to writing again, when it comes to moderation, rotated vigorous rotation.

Jonnie Irwin does not get a contract extension

to the newspaper "The Sun", the 48-year-old complained about the cold-heartedness of his former bosses and said: "As soon as I told 'A Place in the Sun' about my diagnosis, I was for the rest of the season paid, but my contract was not extended. They knew that I wanted to go on. It hurts. " He feels incredibly abandoned: "I can't even look at the show anymore."

BBC moderator: His greatest concern for his wife and the three small children

despite his cancer diagnosis and the subsequent grueling therapies has continued to work, including for TV format "Escape to the Country" and other commercial projects. Because the family man is very worried that his wife Jess and his children Rex (3), Cormac and Rafa (both 2) will soon have to live without him and his earnings: "I have to build a roof over my head."

"Daily Topics" spokesman Ingo Zamperoni: No problems with private insights

 Since 2016, Ingo Zamperoni (48) The main moderator of the "Daily Topics" changes every week with Caren Miosga (53). Especially because of his persistent but always friendly manner, he is popular with colleagues and spectators - but often feared at interview partners . Born in Wiesbaden with Italian roots, the native of Wiesbaden never actually gave an insight into private life.

Jonnie Irwin: "Many people write you off"

He knows that he no longer has to live . Nevertheless, he still had some time in front of him what many people would forget: "As soon as people find out that you have cancer, write you off. Yes, I have stadium four and it's finally - but not over yet, so let me Living my life as long as I can, "said Jonnie Irwin.

unbearable thought: Jonnie Irwin's children are too small for common memories

The idea of ​​having to leave his family soon is unbearable for him - precisely because his children are so small: "Every time something really beautiful happens with them, Pounds this thing to my door and says: 'Don't be too happy, because you won't be there for long,' "he reports sadly. "Then I think they won't remember me." They are just too young for that. "And when I die this year there is no chance that you have memories."

For him it is comforting to know that he was at least in the first few years. After his death, someone else could take over: "I did the first difficult meters with them and someone else will get the simple part."

Gerhard Delling about custody drama of his girlfriend: "Stunned"

 Gerhard Delling about custody drama of his girlfriend: since summer 2021 ARD moderator Gerhard Delling (62) and Steakhouse Erbine Christina Block (49) have been a couple. The patchwork life of the two could actually come from a picture book. The couple lives together with the four children from Block's first marriage in Hamburg. Delling has three children even. And the family time together is the top priority. © Imago/Eibner Gerhard Delling: About his girlfriend's custody drama: "Stunned" , however, the happiness of love is put to the test.

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