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Entertainment: "The high school student": Christophe Honoré films as closely as possible a teenage initiation

Kevin Vuong's bill on student loans could force Liberals to vote against their own campaign promise

  Kevin Vuong's bill on student loans could force Liberals to vote against their own campaign promise OTTAWA — If one independent MP gets his way, the federal Liberals could soon be in the position of voting against a key plank in their most recent election campaign. Last week, Toronto MP Kevin Vuong’s Bill C-301 passed first reading in the House of Commons — a private member’s bill that would permanently eliminate interest on Canada Student Loan payments, and a campaign promise forgotten after the Trudeau Liberals’ snap election last summer. “The bill is to help the Liberals, to assist them to do what they promised to do — eliminate interest on Canada Student Loans and Canada Apprentice Loans,” Vuong told the National Post, saying the sudden return of interest rates

The filmmaker follows the first homosexual experiences of a teenager in an intimate and personal film.

Eighteen years is a pivotal age. Christophe Honoré chooses him, between adolescence and maturity, to stage the initiation to life, in mourning and sex, of a young boy. The director puts a lot of himself in the high school student who leaves Wednesday, November 30.

Sure of him

Lucas (Paul Kircher), 17, loses his father in a car accident. Helped by his brother in Paris (Vincent Lacoste), he goes up to the capital with his mother (Juliette Binoche). In search of an absent father, he will bind to older men to rebuild himself.

Fiscal Update 2022: Ottawa to permanently eliminate student loan interest

  Fiscal Update 2022: Ottawa to permanently eliminate student loan interest Ottawa plans to make permanent its pandemic-era pause on student loan interest in an effort to reduce some of the current financial pressures on young Canadians as the cost of living rises. As part of its fall fiscal update tabled Thursday, the federal government outlined plans to permanently eliminate interest on all federal student loans and apprentice loans including loans currently being repaid. Interest rates will still apply on the provincial portion of a student’s loan.

Initiatory film, the high school student retraces a traumatic entry into life, when the personality is fixed. From the paternal lack will be born an appetite from the other. Once in Paris, Lucas asserts herself. He has no doubt, he has to go through there, a narrow, but open door that will release him. Too sure of himself? His brother and mother protect him, but the provocations barely get the drift.

Faces and bodies

We think of wild nights (Cyril Collard, 1992) in the chronicle of the wanderings of his anti-hero in the Parisian gay environment. The edges are more rounded in the high school student, and the ages, the time, the frame, the disease differ them. But the acceptance of a difference by those around them is at the heart of the two films. Young actor Paul Kircher passes all the passion of Lucas, who interferes in his brother's life, until he suffered a scabrous outrage.

Christophe Béchu announces training in ecological transition for all mayors of France

 Christophe Béchu announces training in ecological transition for all mayors of France © Christophe Archambault / AFP on RTL, Tuesday November 22, 2022, Christophe Béchu announced a new training program for the ecological transition for mayors of France . The Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion Christophe Béchu announced, Tuesday, November 22, 2022, an awareness and training program for ecological transition for all mayors of France.

Vincent Lacoste is natural in the interpretation of this brother cluttered by his youngest. He undergoes an intrusion which creates a cup with their mother, played by a discreet Juliette Binoche. Their exchanges will bring them together and evolve towards benevolence and the constructive. Lucas contaminates the family and created a crisis in which he will have to find a way out. Focused on his characters, Christophe Honoré films a drama as close as possible to faces and bodies, to capture the interior metamorphoses.

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The file

Genre: Drama

Director: Christophe Honoré

Actors: 1 Paul Kircher, Juliette Binoche, Vincent Lacoste, Erwan Képoa Falée, Adrien Casse, Pascal Cervo, Christophe Honoré, Anne Kessler 1 Country: France Duration: 2h02 Outing: 30 November 2022 Distributor: Memento Distribution

Warning: Scenes, words or images can strike the sensitivity of spectators


Lucas is 17 years old When suddenly his adolescence shatters. With the help of his brother, mounted in Paris, and his mother, with whom he now lives alone, he will have to fight to learn to hope and love again.

The incoming Congress will be more pro-school choice than ever .
Education freedom for elementary and secondary students took a big step forward thanks to the midterm elections last month. This is great news for millions of parents with school-age children who suffered academically and emotionally when so much of the public school establishment, pressured by teacher unions, kept schools closed far longer than necessary during the pandemic. While much has been written about the education freedom advocates in governor mansions, state legislatures, and school boards, it is the incoming U.S. Congress that has the chance to exponentially expand K-12 freedom and opportunity for millions of children across the 50 states.

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