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20 actors you didn’t know got their start as models

  20 actors you didn’t know got their start as models After they hit it big, a lot of actors become spokesmodels for brands. For some, modelling and working in a photo shoot setting is something entirely new. For others, it feels like a blast from the past. It turns out, plenty of Hollywood’s hottest stars discovered their love for the camera in modelling careers before later transitioning into acting.

Some 350 positions will be lost as all publicly owned liquor stores in Saskatchewan are closed. © Don Healy Some 350 positions will be lost as all publicly owned liquor stores in Saskatchewan are closed.

With the announcement to sell the remaining publicly owned liquor stores to private enterprise, more than 350 employees are staring at the prospect of unemployment . In October, Premier Scott Moe stated that his government is getting out of the retail business because, “We want to focus our efforts as a government on what people view as a core business.” He went on to explain that core businesses to the government are often considered those that offer health-care services, those that assist in building new health-care facilities, and those in the education and highway sectors.

gold jewelry discovered in Switzerland in tombs dating from the Middle Ages

 gold jewelry discovered in Switzerland in tombs dating from the Middle Ages © Fabrice Coffrini / AFP Archives The discovery was made in a district of Basel (Switzerland). Illustration photo. Several jewelry and exceptional objects were discovered in a cemetery dating from the Middle Ages, in Basel (Switzerland). Paths made up of pearls have notably been discovered in the grave of a young woman. A cemetery dating from the beginning of the Middle Ages has been known in Basel (Switzerland) since the 19th century.

If this narrative seems familiar, folks might recall the 2017 closure of the Saskatchewan Transportation Company . Despite promises that they would not privatize Crown corporations, the Saskatchewan Party continues to dismantle our province, piece by piece.

The government has chronically refused to fund and staff both health care and education. It has outsourced public health-care services to private corporations , systemically chipping away at the services that support all residents enjoy until they are a skeleton of what they once were.

The shortsighted decision to sell the remaining publicly owned liquor stores cannot be considered an effort to focus on core business, because the very act of doing so will leave residents unemployed and the government will lose the profits that these stores provide to help fund public services.

Letters: December 19, 2022

  Letters: December 19, 2022 Garbage plan Re “The last straw; Canada’s single-use plastics ban means more garbage,” (Lorrie Goldstein, Dec. 11): When you look at the column by Lorrie Goldstein and see the picture to show how these single-use plastics are polluting our waters, the picture is from the Citarum River in an area that is well known for its unbelievable dumping of plastics into their waters of Bandung, Indonesia. Reading the entire article will show that the approach by the Liberal government about this problem is identical to its approach to our petroleum industry.

How did this government go from aspirations of representing the best interests of Saskatchewan to believing that dismantling our assets is a good idea?

Martin Been, Saskatoon



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