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Entertainment: Harry and Meghan: Wedding from Love

Meghan Markle Opens Up About Wedding to Prince Harry: 'All I Wanted Was a Mimosa and a Croissant'

  Meghan Markle Opens Up About Wedding to Prince Harry: 'All I Wanted Was a Mimosa and a Croissant' "On the day of our wedding, it's like I went into a really calm space. I don't know how I was so calm," Meghan Markle said in volume two of their Netflix series Harry & Meghan, which premiered ThursdayMeghan Markle and Prince Harry are opening up about their wedding day.

Prince Harry married Meghan Markle out of love and not from the "urge to marry someone who fits in shape" like other men in the royal family.

Meghan und Harry © provided by Bang Showbiz Meghan and Harry

The 38-year-old Royal revealed in his documentary series 'Harry and Meghan' that he followed his heart when he made an application to the former 'Suits' actress. Harry said: "I think that there can be a temptation or urge for many people in the family, especially for men, to marry someone who fits the shape, in contrast to someone who may be intended for one is. It is a difference whether you make decisions with your head or heart. "

Harry also admitted that Megan (41) brought a big victim when she agreed to marry him. Harry, who resigned from his office as a member of the royal family in 2020 and moved to the USA, said: "She sacrificed everything she ever knew, the freedom she had to join me in my world. And Soon afterwards I also sacrificed everything I know to join her in her world. "

How Prince Harry's relationships with King Charles and Prince William have changed since the Queen's death .
Prince William and Prince Harry seemed to be on better terms following Queen Elizabeth's death, but Netflix's "Harry & Meghan" may have changed that.Meghan said the mutual friend emailed her to let her know that "Prince Haz" had asked about her, to which Meghan asked who he was and if she could look at his Instagram feed.

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