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Entertainment: Télématin: 4 years after his coming out, this host announces a happy news live!

"excrement", "urine", "homophobia", "racism": julia vignali terrified by the daily life of a policeman invited in "Telematin"

 "excrement", "urine", "homophobia", "racism": Julia Vignali terrified by the daily life of a police officer invited in "Télématin" She said "yes" to actor Kad Merad, last November 26, in the small town of Mary, Saône-et-Loir, after 8 years of love. And Julia Vignali is already back to work, in Telematin . Thomas Sotto's lovely colleague collected an overwhelming testimony, on December 5, on the "unacceptable" working conditions who forced to resign a former police officer, Fabien Bilheran.

Télématin : 4 ans après son coming out, cet animateur annonce une heureuse nouvelle en direct ! © France 2 Télématin: 4 years after his coming out, this host announces a happy news live!

The vagaries of the direct sometimes have good on television. And this Tuesday morning, Jean-Baptiste Marteau lets himself go to a personal confidence, while he presented Telematin with his colleague Maud Descamps.

While we mentioned this December 27, in the "sequence from day to day" , the important events that occurred on this date as the birth of Gérard Depardieu in 1948, the sinking of the Erika in 1999, The ascent of the Eiffel Tower by mountaineers in 1945, the replacement for Thomas Sotto improvised: "You know, in a few years, perhaps in day to day, it will be necessary to add another 27 December: birth of a small leo ".

‘Happy Days’ star Anson Williams loses Ojai mayoral bid in a squeaker

  ‘Happy Days’ star Anson Williams loses Ojai mayoral bid in a squeaker He’s seen better days. “Happy Days” star Anson Williams has lost his California mayoral bid in a squeaker. Best known for his role as Potsie in the ’70s and ’80s sitcom, Williams was defeated by Ojai mayor Betsy Stix by 42 votes. The Ventura County clerk-recorder certified the election results Wednesday after a recount showed Stix winning re-election with 1,823 votes to Williams’ 1,781. The Post reached out to Stix and Williams for comment. The 73-year-old actor-turned-TV-show-director ran on an environmental and transportation safety platform, citing concerns about the quality of life for the coastal community’s residents.

and add: " I just been uncle, I just learned it, there, on the phone. My brother Axel and his wife Sylvia. We kiss you very hard, bravo. Here, little pink notebook. And welcome to the little Léo hammer Rodrigues ". And the family of the television star is growing, since he is already dad of a little Colette, whom he had with her husband since 2019, Bruno Loup.

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A relationship he had formalized a year earlier, on the occasion of International Day Coming-out. Committed for homophobia to decrease, he recently explained: "in France in 2022, there are still young people who are put to the door because their family does not accept their homosexuality. So if at my small level, I can change, even a little, mentalities, I go for it. It's my duty ".

The Trump Aide Caught Up in the Newsmax-Fox News Wars

  The Trump Aide Caught Up in the Newsmax-Fox News Wars This reporting is one of several scoops featured in this week’s edition of Confider, the newsletter pulling back the curtain on the media. Subscribe here and send your questions, tips, and complaints here. Former Trump White House communications director Mercedes Schlapp has long been a familiar face in right-wing media. Rarely a day goes by when Schlapp, the wife of American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp, isn’t popping up on Fox News or the conservative cable giant’s wannabe competitor Newsmax.

On his scale, he admits however: "I am often asked if I am not afraid that it damages my image, but I don't care. I receive insults and threats very regularly. I did several complaint deposits because I don't let anything go. " and to explain: " I am well in my skin, everything is fine. On the other hand, it reaches me more when these threats target my daughter Colette. I take them very seriously. It's sad, but have a Openly homosexual presenter at 8 p.m. is not yet natural and accepted by all. Colette will do what she wants in her life. But it is important to me that she evolves in a more tolerant world ". It will undoubtedly be the same for the little cousin of Colette, Léo.


Télématin: Jean-Baptiste Marteau interrupts the program live, France 2 sanctioned .
provided by all TV during this holiday season, Telematin is no longer led by Julia Vignali and Thomas Sotto during the week. The morning of France 2 inherited a new duo of animators from Monday, December 19, 2022. Maud Descamps and Jean-Baptiste Marteau were propelled at the head of Telematin . France 2 also chose to bet on them to compensate for the absence of Maya Lauqué and Damien Thévenot on weekends. Jean-Baptiste Marteau kept orders from the morning on Monday, December 26.

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